Jacquelyn Sloane was the child of Arvin and Emily Sloane who died during her birth.

Before Season 4[]

Thirty years before Season 4, Emily Sloane was pregnant with Arvin and Emily's daughter, Jacquelyn. Arvin suggested names such as Carlotta, Pernabio or Verbina before they settled on Jacquelyn. However, it was suggested that she died during childbirth. Arvin said that it was a risky pregnancy, and the child had fought hard to stay with them, but it was too much and her heart was not strong enough.

One day when together, he suggested to Emily that they take a boat to Bellagio, but she was too damaged over the loss of her child, and maintained that she needed to be alone (In Dreams...).


  • Before settling on Jacquelyn, Arvin considered names such as Carlotta, Pernabio and Verbina, which Emily pointed out were names of Italian towns.