Jack Vaughn (born 2012) is the son of Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn. He was born some time around 2012.

Season 5[]

Several years after finally thwarting Arvin Sloane, after the death of her father, and after leaving the US government, Sydney Bristow had a second child with Michael Vaughn, the younger brother of Isabelle Vaughn. They named him Jack and he lived with them on their beach house. He was present when Marcus Dixon returned and asked Sydney and Vaughn to assist on a mission to apprehend Julian Sark, who was still causing problems as an elusive criminal. Sydney carried him as she, Vaughn, Dixon and Isabelle went for a walk down the beach before dinner.


Father Michael Vaughn

Mother Sydney Bristow

Sister Isabelle Vaughn

Grandfather's Jack Bristow (deceased) Bill Vaughn (deceased)

Grandmother's Irina Derevko (deceased) Deloreme Vaughn

Aunts Nadia Santos (deceased)

Great-Aunts Elena Derevko (deceased) Katya Derevko


  • Jack is named after his grandfather, Jack Bristow.
  • The exact date of Jack Vaughn's birth is unknown. However he is around one year old when seen, and Isabelle is 7 after being born in 2006.
  • The actor is unknown who played him.