Ilya Stuka was a buyer of a Rambaldi manuscript and possible drug dealer. He was killed by Irina shortly after she visited him in a nightclub.

Season 2[]

Ilya was first seen playing a dangerous knife game with a young Asian woman in a nightclub in Bangkok. He was surprised when Irina, one of his former contractors, payed him a visit and wanted to play the knife game with her. So he started stabbing the table in multiple locations while her hand rested on it without even taking his eyes off of Irina. After several stabs, Irina abruptly grabbed the blade and stabbed him in his hand, shortly before putting the blade to his throat.

She demanded to know what happened to the manuscipt he bought from Karpachev and he told her he traded it for opium rights in Bangkok, presumably so he could sell drugs without any interference from the authorities. Upon hearing that the manuscript was in Hong Kong, Irina slit his throat.