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Il Diluvio (The Flood) was Rambaldi manuscript found by Irina Derevko. It described Rambaldi's vision of a moment when the world would be cleansed and everything would begin anew.

Before Season 4[]

Irina Derevko found the Rambaldi manuscript "Il Diluvio" when she knew her sister Elena Derevko was looking for it. She knew that she had to destroy it as soon as she saw its contents. However when Elena found out that Irina had destroyed it, she kidnapped and tortured Irina in an effort to find out what it said (Search And Rescue).

It contained instructions on how to create "Rambaldi's endgame", which was a giant Mueller device combined with the powers of The Orchid which could control populations and turn them into sub-human, infected creatures (Before The Flood).

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