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Ice 5 was a dangerous bioweapon manufactured by Fenton Keene at the Hospital Sava in Montenegro. It caused one's body to freeze-dry and crystallise. Keene manufactured the weapon as a spray and liquid and tested it on many human subjects in different forms including injection, spay and swallowing.

Season 4[]

Derek Modell was the first casualty of Ice 5 seen, after stealing a canister and swallowing it to exchange with the CIA. Marshall speculated that the canister's contents began to leak in trace amounts shortly after it arrived in Modell's stomach, which maybe the cause of of a sudden drop in temperature by Modell's sensation. He was later tackled by a thug. The crystallisation process began and he shattered into pieces when shot at by one of Keene's men.

Yegor, a worker of Keene's, was also killed as a result of the bioweapon after some sprayed on him whilst transferring some.


Another test subject of Ice 5

Meghan Keene, Fenton's sister, was killed with an injection of the weapon from Fenton himself during a battle with Sydney Bristow in which he assumed he was stabbing Sydney with the vial.

Many other test subjects were killed as a result of the vial during Fenton's testing process of it in which he tested the weapon in different forms on live human subjects.