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Ice was one of Cole's mercenaries during the raid on SD-6.

Season 1[]

Ice was first seen with Cole and his squad, running into the facility through a secret passageway. Ice subdued an SD-6 agent while another mercenary, Chopper, snapped his neck. He and the other mercenaries entered the headquarters. Ice was seen again with some of the other mercenaries like Endo and Tchen guarding the captured SD-6 employees. While everyone was busy trying to break into SD-6's vault, Ice and Chopper kept watch over the hostages.

Ice was later seen kicking Dixon in the abdomen and bashing Marshall in the head with his rifle, both of whom were distracting Ice while Sydney was trying to acquire a vault code scrambler (The Box, Part 1). Shortly after Sydney surrendered herself to Cole, Ice searched her for weapons before tying her up like the rest of the hostages. After Cole killed Toni, he ordered Ice and Chopper to kill all of the hostages. Before either mercenary could fire off a shot, Sydney activated a gadget Marshall made that was similar to a flash grenade. It stunned Ice and Chopper and caused the former to fall on the floor. Jack quickly kicked Ice in the face and knocked him out before he could get back up (The Box, Part 2).