Heinrich Roemer was an arms dealer.

Before Season 5[]

According to Sloane, Roemer sold several arms to SD-6.

Season 5[]

Roemer had an appoinment with Ivan Curtis to sell him Nuridium when Eric Weiss and Marcus Dixon walked into his office posing as arms buyers. Dixon requested a very large shipment of weapons from Roemer, but Roemer said that it was too much for one person to buy alone. Roemer asked him why he needed so much, but Dixon simply stated he needed it for his own personal needs.

While talking during the deal, Ivan and his men came by in the basement of the building and Roemer excused himself to go meet him. After arriving to the meet with his guards, Roemer sold the Nuridium to Curtis and told Curtis to pay him. However, Curtis caught Roemer off guard and shot him in the chest, leaving with the Nuridium.