Dr. Hans Jürgens was the man who invented Project Helix. Or rather, the software program that made its development possible.

Season 2[]

After Will was taken into custody, the CIA found out about a man named Hans Jürgens who constructed the computer imaging equipment used by Enzo Markovic. Since he was the only one who knew the identity of the Second Double (the first being Markovic himself) Sydney and Vaughn tracked him down in Berlin. They found Jürgens inside a strip club and a disguised Sydney guided Jürgens to a secluded room, where she stripped him of his clothes and began to spank him with a whip while his arms were tied up.

Suddenly, Vaughn appeared and began to take photos of Sydney and a whining Jürgens together and threatened to show the photos to his wife Alba unless he told them about Project Helix and the other double. Jürgens told them he only built the machine for Markovic and knew that they could find the double by accessing the server used for the doubling machine. Sydney and Vaughn left the photos (and Jürgens) inside the room while Jürgens pleaded for them to let him go, comically shouting out, "Give me back my pants!"