Giovanni Donato was an Italian clockmaker. He was the only person Milo Rambaldi collaborated with.

Season 1[]

After the Rambaldi Clock was damaged, Sydney traveled to Positano, Italy to meet Donato to get the clock fixed. After Sydney mentioned the name Rambaldi, Donato opened the door and welcomed Sydney inside. Donato began to talk about his ancestors, how they were offered several riches by kings and queens, but turned them all down until he met Rambaldi. His ancestor accepted the offer because Rambaldi promised him he would live an impossibly long life and told him when he would die, all of which came true. Donato then told Sydney about the symbol on the clock and that criminals now use that symbol to infiltrate the order. He also told Sydney about the date and that Rambaldi never told him what it was. There was still a piece missing, but Donato said it would still tell time. Now that the clock was fixed, Donato said that it "was over", meaning his life was about to end.

Donato stood up from his desk and was immediately shot in the back by a K-Directorate sniper.

Background information and notes[]

  • Since Rambaldi was born in the 15th century, Donato may have been over 500 years old before he died.