Gils Nacor was the guardian of Server 47, a key structure in the Alliance of Twelve coalition. He spent most of his life on the plane that housed the terminal and was always fond of prostitutes coming along halfway through the flights.

Season 2[]

Sydney Bristow disguised herself as one of the prostitutes coming aboard the plane for Nacor's sexual pleasures. She was assigned to access Server 47 in order to take down The Alliance of Twelve. Sydney, posing as a stripper, got into bed with Nacor and garroted him, forcing him to tell her where the terminal was before knocking him out.

Nacor recovered from his wound and found Sydney waiting to parachute out the plane and his bodyguard unconscious. Nacor fired at Sydney but missed, so she shot out the window of the plane. Nacor, unable to hold onto anything due to the depressurization, was sucked out of the plane and shredded when his body flew into the plane's engine.