Gerard Cuvee was the leader of F.R.P. and an ex-KGB agent. He was also a follower of Rambaldi.

Before Season 2[]

Cuvee used to work for the KGB in his past. However, he soon turned to locating Rambaldi artifacts and fueled the needs of rebels in Pakistan. He recruited Irina and used her to get to Jack by marrying him and starting a relationship, inadvertently causing Jack to date a spy.

Season 2[]

Cuvee was spotted with Irina immediately after Jack and Sydney were captured by his rebels. The two of them (as well as Irina) were sent to Pakistan after realizing that Cuvee acquired six nuclear weapons and had the mechanisms to successfully launch them. After Jack was captured, he explained to him how he had Irina marry him and clouded his judgement, surprised that Jack was fooled by Irina. In response, he punched Cuvee in the face and Cuvee wanted to kill him. Irina stopped him at the last minute and calmed Cuvee down, reassuring him that Jack would die after they performed their tests with the nukes.

It was later confirmed that Cuvee never intended to launch the nukes at all and needed the power of all six of them to open up a Rambaldi artifact. When they did, the artifact revealed flowers that were several hundred years old, and still living. Because of this, Cuvee was confident that immortality was indeed possible.

After his discovery, the Pakistani forces launched an air missile at the bunker, damaging it and forcing the rebels to flee. Irina changed sides once again and attacked Cuvee. Cuvee gained the upper hand and pointed a gun at Irina, ready to kill her. Before he could, Jack came in and punched him in the face twice, knocking him out.