George Reed was a US Senator and a member of the Trust. He was instrumental in Sloane's bargain plea deal that allowed him to found Omnifam.

Season 3

Senator Reed is from Virgina and a member of the intelligence committee. He was part of the team that brokered a deal with Sloane saving him from prosecution exchange for Rambaldi artifacts and information.

He was married to Olivia Reed and father to Lauren Reed, he was unaware that both his wife and daughter were members of The Covenant. Under the assumption that Lauren was still an NSC agent, he went out of his way to ensure that she never received field training, despite her being a lethally trained Covenant agent. Upon Jack's discovery as Lauren being a Covenant mole, Senator Reed aggressively attempted to cover up for Lauren's activities when he found out, hoping to make up for years of neglect.

Unbeknownst to the senator, his daughter had come to kill him at Sark's recommendation but could not pull the trigger - leaving his wife Olivia to shoot her instead. His death was initially ruled a suicide as planted evidence pointed to him being The Covenant's mole, which also sealed Sloane's execution.