Fenton Keene was the brother of Meghan Keene and the manufacturer of a bioweapon known as Ice 5. He was a former member of the IRA and was involved in several bombings in the early 1990s, including one that killed a father and two boys.

A long time before, he "saved" his sister, Meghan, and she felt that she owed him despite the awful things that he did.

Season 4[]

Derek Modell, a relief worker at the Hospital Sava where Ice 5 was being developed, stole a vial of Ice 5 and, not realizing what it was, swallowed it to exchange it for money with the CIA. However he was shot by Keene's men and the effects of the bioweapon caused him to shatter, as Ice 5 caused the body to crystallize.

Keene went to the hospital in Montenegro to see a colleague, Yegor, who has been killed as a result of Ice 5. He talked to his sister, who seemed uneasy in his company. Michael Vaughn, posing as Michael Leconte, convinced Meghan to turn against her brother and help him to shut down Fenton's Ice 5 business, but Fenton walked in on their meeting and put a gun to Vaughn's head and asked what was going on. He strapped Vaughn to a desk and prepared him to inject Ice 5 directly into his brain. He gave Meghan the vial and told her to inject Vaughn, but just before she did Sydney ran in and knocked Meghan to the floor before fighting off Fenton. During the fight Fenton aquiring the syringe, but accidentally stabbed Meghan with it instead of Sydney. Looking on in shock, Fenton was knocked out by Sydney.

Fenton was taken into custody and the Ice 5 was acquired.