The Eye of Rambaldi on a box

The Eye of Rambaldi (<o>) was a symbol of The Magnific Order of Rambaldi. A direct descendant of Giovanni Donato (who may in fact have been Donato himself) describes the Order as "Rambaldi's most trusted followers, entrusted with safeguarding his creations. Sadly, like most things that once were pure, criminals now use this symbol to infiltrate the Order" (Time Will Tell).

The Eye[]

Some followers of Rambaldi, likely the infiltrators that Donato referred to, have the mark tattooed on their hands, including Anna Espinosa (Parity).

In relation to Rambaldi's prophecies[]

The glyph is said by Irina Derevko to represent the struggle between "The Chosen One" and "The Passenger", whom Irina believes to be her two daughters. The circle in the center of the design is said to be the object around which they will do great battle (source needed).


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

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Season 5[]


The Horizon in the brackets resembling the Eye of Rambaldi (All The Time In The World)


  • The Rambaldi Eye (<o>) appears in one frame of the Alias title sequence (seasons 1-3) after all the letters in the word Alias appear. In season one and three, it flashes as ALIAS is spelled out and Victor Garber's credit appears. In season two, it appears on ALIAS when "With Lena Olin" appears. Season four doesn't have a Rambaldi sign, but it appears in season five when Balthazar Getty appears.

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