Eric Weiss was an experienced agent working for the CIA. He was close friends with Michael Vaughn whilst they both worked at the CIA office in Los Angeles and often chided him about his clear feelings for Sydney Bristow when he was her CIA handler. He continued to work for the CIA after the takedown of SD-6 alongside new recruits including Sydney, Marshall Flinkman and Marcus Dixon.

He was not initially recruited to work at APO as other CIA agents were, but after seeing Vaughn and Syndey (after they supposedly "quit" the CIA; part of their cover to join the black-ops division that was APO) he joined their organization. He began a romantic relationship with Nadia Santos, Sydney's half-sister. Weiss received a promotion with the NSC as the Covert Operations Coordinator, and so left APO.

Personal Information

  • ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300784
  • CIA Call Sign: Retriever
  • Present Location: Los Angeles
  • Date Of Birth: 04/17/68
  • Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 200
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Dutch
  • Education: BS. Economics
  • Experience: Recruit, 11-1997

Work for the CIA

Season 1

Weiss is introduced as Michael Vaughn's confidant is Season 1 and Season 2. He initially served as a humorous foil and sounding board for Michael Vaughn in the first season, but with the integration of the former members of SD-6 and the CIA, he gives advice to many of the other characters, including Sydney and Marshall Flinkman. Overall, Weiss became the humor and light-hearted character to all the turmoil that was presented to others.

Season 3

Although there was the potential of a relationship beginning with Sydney Bristow during the third season, nothing developed. They were just good friends, Weiss gave Sydney a third edition Alice in Wonderland to try and make up for the loss of all her stuff in her apartment fire at the end of the second season. Also, when Marshall's fiancée, Carrie Bowman, went into labor at CIA headquarters, she insisted on being married before the baby was born. Marshall quickly accessed the website for the dubious "Internet Church of Mammals" and obtained for Weiss the post of "Exalted Minister", which allowed him to officiate at the impromptu wedding.

Season 4

At the start of the fourth season, Weiss began a relationship with Sydney's half-sister, Nadia Santos. In the second episode of season 4, upon meeting Nadia for the first time, he says that he is 38 and single. Weiss has played ice hockey in goal against Vaughn but really seems to like bowling (4.05 Liberty Village) because of the cheesy disco music, glow in the dark pins and all you can eat hot dogs after ten. He loves food, Sydney once commented the looked great and he said he'd given up all the food he enjoyed.

Work for APO

Season 5

Weiss' grandfather died near the end of Season 4, and he was away from APO for a short while likely due to this (The Descent). Weiss was the only member of Sydney's CIA "family" who wasn't recruited into the black-ops division of the CIA, dubbed "APO," at the start of the fourth season, but this was soon rectified when he learned of the existence of APO during a mission in the third episode of the season.

Work for the NSC

Season 5

In the second episode of the fifth season (...1...)," Eric Weiss was offered a job coordinating covert operations for the NSC, which was only a "few steps from the President"; at the end of the episode Weiss accepted the promotion and left the series. The character returned one final time in "S.O.S" when he used his high ranking position to extract a team of APO agents who had infiltrated CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.


Michael Vaughn - Best Friend

Nadia Santos - Girlfriend

Sydney Bristow - Good Friend


  • Weiss is a descendant of Harry Houdini (whose real name was Ehrich Weiss). He mentions this to Will Tippin, who recognized the name, and to Nadia Santos as he's performing some sleight of hand to impress her.
  • Although Weiss is a recurring character in the first season of Alias, Greg Grunberg's name, for unexplained reasons, does not appear at all in the credits of each episode he appeared in during that season. See character appearances to view his episodes.