Emma Wallace was an undercover CIA agent. She was captured by a man named Enzo Markovic, who was posing as her partner James Lennox. After getting wrapped in blocks of C-4, she was killed by Enzo.

Season 2[]

Emma Wallace was first seen in bed with a man named James Lennox. She asked him if they could go back to Fiji and he agreed, retreating to the shower. She suddenly went to a laptop and typed a message to her HQ to abort the mission. While typing the message, she heard a noise and investigated. After looking inside the shower and finding out that Lennox is no longer there, she turned around to go back into the room...only to get punched in the face.

The next morning, she was tossed onto the streets of Berlin wrapped in several blocks of C-4. Lennox told her that as long as she did what he told her, she'd get out of the situation alive. So she started to tearfully sing "Pop Goes the Weasel" to the police force as Sydney and the Berlin officers tried to figure out what to do. Sydney quickly called the commander of the task force and told him to instruct his men to cease radio communication because it may set off the detonator. He told Sydney that he already ordered radio silence.

Ironically, a few seconds after Emma said, "Pop," the C-4 charges were detonated by Lennox and Emma was instantly vaporized. It was later confirmed that Lennox wasn't the one who killed Emma and that a doppelganger named Enzo Markovic was the one who detonated the C-4.