Emilio Vargas was a freelancing assassin.

Season 2[]

Emilio was hired by Sloane to cut out Proteo di Regno's heart in Panama City. After he did, he retreated to Guadalajara, where he was approached by Dixon and Sydney in disguise. Both of them requested to see Vargas and told them that the Triads had another job for him. While they walked down a corridor with him, Dixon pinned him to the wall and Sydney began to question him and why he cut out di Regno's heart. Vargas broke free and got into a fierce sword fight with the two, but it ended with them subduing Vargas.

Dixon broke his wrist and Vargas told him that the heart was really a machine his employer needed. An enraged Dixon started punching and kicking him in the face, demanding to know where his employer was, but Vargas simply said he was hired by phone and paid by wire transfer. It wasn't until Sydney began to shout out Dixon's name repeatedly that he stopped abusing Vargas.