Eloise Kurtz was a junior agent in SD-6.

Season 1[]

Eloise was contacted by Will Tippin and the two of them met inside a cafe to talk about Kate Jones, the alias she was using at the time. Will told her that Kate has been dead for some time and accused Kurtz of lying. Eloise, realizing she had been exposed, left the cafe while Will continued to question who she really was (Doppelgänger). The next night, Eloise suddenly called Will and told him that "they" (SD-6) bribed her thousands of dollars to keep her mouth shut and go under the alias Kate Jones. She told Will that she would tell him everything the next day and they agreed to meet.

Unfortunately for Will, when he arrived at her apartment, he was stunned to see that almost all of her stuff was gone and her walls had been repainted. Eloise was nowhere to be found (Reckoning). It was later confirmed by one of Will's friends that Eloise had been shot to death in a park at night, a hit ordered by Sloane himself.