Eduardo Benegas was a Spanish VC and Auto enthusiast. He also owned the largest collection of pornographic art in all of Madrid. He also owned a Rambaldi sketch that SD-6 was keen to get a hold of. He kept the key to the piece on his person at all times. Benegas was surrounded at all times by around six bodyguards, trained under special forces.

Season 1[]

SD-6 negotiated with Benegas to purchase the Rambaldi sketch but the offer fell through. Sloane suspected that K-Directorate tipped him off to the true value of the piece, as well as stealing the key that accessed the piece. Anna Espinosa seduced Benegas and took it from him while his guard was down.

Benegas hosted a party in aid of the new 627 quantum prototype that Benegas Racing was launching. Sydney and Anna both went to the party to try to get the sketch, which resulted in Sydney managing to get it in the end.