Dhiren Patel was a delegate to the UN and was the former president of the UCO. He was also Dixon's idol.

Season 1[]

Dhiren attended a meeting in São Paolo the night before the meeting at UCO, where he was drugged by Luc Jacqnoud. After passing out from the poison, a team of doctors (all of whom were working for Malik Sawari) escorted him to an abandoned warehouse to perform surgery. While there, the doctors carefully implanted a bomb into his heart as though it were a pacemaker, which had the equivalence of 300 pounds of TNT.

The next morning, Dhiren walked into the UCO building just minutes before he was about to make his speech. In order to save him and the other UCO officials, Dixon knocked Patel out and he and Sydney took him into an ambulance. While Dixon focused on taking out the bomb, Sydney was driving away from Jacqnoud, knowing if he got close enough, Jacqnoud would be able to activate the bomb, thus killing Patel. With careful steady hands, Dixon cut open Patel's chest and took out the bomb, chucking it at Jacqnoud's car the second Jacqnoud activated the bomb. While Patel, Sydney and Dixon survived the explosion, Jacqnoud and his driver were killed instantly.