Conrad was a wise and poised monk. It was because of Conrad that Sloane began his conquest for Rambaldi.

Season 2[]

Sloane traveled to Nepal to meet Conrad, where he put a gun to his face and threatened to kill him. Conrad told him that his quest for Rambaldi was frustrating him because everyone Sloane loved was betrayed by him. Conrad instantly knew Sloane's wife was dead and he had something to show him. The monk showed Sloane many of Rambaldi's writings and that he knew his wife was going to die. Conrad said if he had warned Sloane of his wife's death, then he would'nt have been able to give him an important Rambaldi artifact.

Season 3[]

Sark traveled to Nepal and put a gun to Conrad's head, demanding to know where The Passenger was. Conrad disarmed and fought off Sark, but Olivia Reed appeared and shot a tranquilizer into his throat, rendering him unconscious. Afterwards, he was captured.

Vaughn and Sydney found out Conrad knew about The Passenger and was located in Thar Desert. Sydney managed to defeat the hostile guarding Conrad and she proceeded to rescue him. Sark noticed the rescue attempt and acquired his driver's shotgun, aiming for Conrad. Before he could reach safety, he was shot in the back. As he lay dying in the sand, Conrad told Sydney that her sister was The Passenger.