Charlie Bernard was Francie’s boyfriend and later fiancé.

Season 1[]

Charlie helped Sydney move into her new home a few months after Danny had been killed. He hung out with Francie’s friends regularly, and even got them involved in some of his miscellaneous events, such as his dinner with a member from a corporate law college that gave him an offer to join (So It Begins). But despite having what seemed to be a perfect relationship with Francie, she thought he was cheating on her. Sydney and Francie spied on Charlie one night and found out he was sneaking out and visiting a woman named Rachel. When Francie confronted him about the woman over dinner, he told her that she was just a friend and they were only “hanging out.” Francie didn’t believe him, and left the restaurant in a huff (A Broken Heart).

After the incident, Charlie talked to Francie in person on campus. He confessed that he wanted to be a singer and that the woman he was sneaking off with was a musician who plays the piano. Both of them were rehearsing for their upcoming gig; Charlie didn’t tell Francie because he wanted it to be a surprise. Francie quickly forgave him, and she, Sydney, Will, and his sister Amy all attended Charlie’s gig and saw him perform (Reckoning). Charlie later showed up at Francie and Sydney’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, where he finally decided to propose to Francie (Color-Blind).

A few weeks after the couple was engaged, Sydney ran into Stella Campbell, who informed Sydney that he used to date her around the same time Charlie was engaged with Francie. While Charlie and Francie were celebrating in Las Vegas, Sydney met up with them while she was on a mission with Dixon. After she noticed that they were about to get married at a chapel, Sydney approached the couple and spoke with Charlie in private. Sydney threatened Charlie, telling him that if he didn’t break up with Francie, she’d tell Francie herself about the affair. While Charlie did tell Francie that he didn’t want to get married so soon, he didn’t break off the engagement (The Coup).

Sydney was forced to tell Francie about the affair, but Francie got upset and didn’t believe her. Later that night, Francie went on a date with Charlie and mentioned Stella during their time out. Charlie eventually confessed everything and broke up with Francie (The Coup). Francie then moved in with Sydney.