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La Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) è un servizio civile di intelligence degli Stati Uniti (HUMINT).

Agents are seen within Alias work at the Los Angeles branch of the CIA.

Rotunda structure[]

The Rotunda was the name given to the main bullpen of the CIA. It is so named because of the circular design of the room.


The CIA is a United States intelligence organization that Sydney Bristow worked in the first season until the third season. Agents Jack Bristow and Sydney Bristow work there as double agents. Another agents Michael Vaughn, Eric Wiess and assistant Kendall. Later in season 2 after SD-6 is destroyed, Marshall Flinkman and Marcus Dixon come to the CIA. The CIA is a group trying to get Rambaldi artifices, just like all the another organizations are.

Season 1[]

Sydney Bristow worked for SD-6 for seven years and after Danny was killed. Jack told her the truth about SD-6. She went to get what they wanted to win back their trust. After she saw Sloane, she walked in to CIA and met her handler, Michael Vaughn, and he told her there was all ready a double agent in SD-6. A week later, Sydney was at Danny's grave and Jack told her she's in the CIA and that he also works for the CIA too. In response, she doesn't trust him anymore. A cellphone rings and believes it's the CIA calling. Next time, we see Sydney telling Vaughn about SD-6 and Vaughn makes her stop so he can tell Sydney her CIA mission until SD-6 is destroyed. She has to get the mission from SD-6 and then write her mission on a paper bag and then she meets Vaughn for her next mission. They want Rambaldi artifact, such as a clock machine code, and a lot more like page 47. Page 47 is the one they took from Sloane and SD-6 and they found out it has to do with someone in the CIA and it is Sydney. Before page 47 came about, Mckean Cole broke into SD-6 and tried to get the Rambaldi liquid, but the CIA stopped him before he could get away. That's how they got the page 47 to show up. Cole worked for someone the man. CIA tries to find out who the man is while Will is doing a SD-6 story he is in danger CIA helps him out and then Will is later kidnapped by Sark. Sydney gets a phone call from Sark telling her they have Tippin and they want a page that SD-6 has so Sydney and Jack go in and go and get the page and and try and find Tippin later Vaughn comes to Sydney and tells her he is in if she need him. They go to Tapi and Jack goes and trade with Sark and Sydney destroys the Muller device and the water traps Vaughn and Sydney is kidnapped and the secret is out that Irina is the man.

Season 2[]

The CIA wanted to find the bible that Irina and Alexander Khasinau had and the CIA wanted after a SD-6 mission in France and got information on the bible. The CIA team including: Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss and another agent. During the mission, Irina shot Weiss.