Carter was Ned Bolger's chief henchman.

Season 4[]

Carter dressed as an airport security guard in Krakow as a doctor got off her plane. When she went throught the check-in gate, Carter and his accomplice scanned her items and found something suspicious about the teddy bear she bought for her daughter, even though nothing was really wrong with it. Carter and his guard escorted Sinclair out a secret tunnel within the airport and Maggie was injected with an anesthetic by another henchman.

Later on, Carter stood idly by in a warehouse next to his employer, Ned Bolger as he talked to Sinclair, instructing her to build an ancient artifact. Unfortunately, she told him she couldn't construct it without a transfer coil and disagreed to. Bolger met with Carter in a secluded area and told him to make her cooperate. Carter retrieved a sandblaster and, with Maggie's hands tied behind a chair, began to torture her. After torturing for some time, Roberts calls him after his disappearance and tells him he has the coil and wants to meet, raising the price of the coil. Carter agrees, and stops torturing Maggie.

Carter appeared again after Bolger somehow knew about Roberts' betrayal and killed him in an elevator accident. He pryed open the door to the elevator and stole the coil, returning it to Bolger and departing back to the hideout.


Carter is beaten to death by Sloane.

As APO officers assualted Bolger's hideout, he told Carter to recover the artifact, which had been fully constructed by Maggie, and meet up with him outside. Carter met with the real Arvin Sloane instead when he entered the lab and he pulled a gun on him, demanding to know who he worked for. Carter said he worked for him, and he responded by shooting him in the leg. Carter was surprised, thinking that his involvement with Sloane and Rambaldi would make him immortal. An enraged Sloane whacked Carter against the face with a metal bar and chastised him, calling him an idiot for believing all the rumors that were falsely spread. Knowing he was "unworthy" Sloane used the bar to beat Carter to death. Nadia arrived in the lab right after he was killed and saw his body, looking at Sloane with fear when she noticed he was covered in blood.