Bridget was Boris Tambor's girlfriend. She was killed by Sydney Bristow.

Season 4[]

Bridget was always angry or irritated with him because he never spent any time with her and Tambor frequently abused her due to his own personal problems. Bridget finally got to spend some quality time with some friends at a bar (who were really Nadia and Sydney in disguise). She unknowingly granted them access to Boris' PDA and they were able to find out where Tambor was making his next deal.

While on the yacht with Tambor, Bridget stood idly by and watched the deal follow through. However, after the buyer cued Bridget to get a gun, she tried to kill Tambor. The buyer's bodyguards took out Tambor's guards and chased Tambor around the yacht. Eventually, both the buyer and Bridget cornered Tambor and shot him off the yacht.

Bridget accompanied the buyer with his own deal and Sydney was the one who brokered it. The buyer found out that Bridget led Sydney to them, so he slapped Bridget in the face. Sydney then forced the buyer to sell the bomb to her or else Sloane would torture him. The buyer was about to comply, but Bridget interfered and shot him in the forehead. Sydney and Bridget fought on the yacht and (with the help of Nadia) Sydney shot and killed her.