Dr. Brezzel was a neurologist who liked to experiment with his patients dreams, usually with cocktails or other types of drugs. He also had a fondness of facon.

Season 3[]

After becoming a fugitive from Robert Lindsey and the CIA, Sydney was determined to find out what happened to her in the past two years of her life. So she and her father contacted Brezzel, who was a neurologist who liked to subconsciously play with people's dreams...while they were unconscious. Brezzel strapped Sydney to a machine and he and Jack analyzed Sydney's dreams, which yielded a valuable result: Will Tippin.

Shortly after Sydney and her father left, Brezzel was approached by Julian Sark, who immediately shot him in the leg and strapped him to his own machine. While under heavy dosages of morphine, Brezzel revealed all the information Sydney discovered to Sark, repeatedly asking for more morphine. After Brezzel revealed a substantial amount of information to Sark, he requested for more morphine, thinking he deserved some. Sark gave him the whole supply and left the building, leaving Brezzel to die of an overdose.

Background information and notes[]

  • Dr. Brezzel might've been a morphin addict.