Col. Boris Oransky was a colonel for the Russian Military and an operative for The Covenant.

Before Season 3[]

Oransky was dishonorably discharged from the Russian Military Space Command for unknown reasons in 1996. He later began to work for a private French contractor (Reunion).

Season 3[]

Oransky was responsible for crashing his own satelite into a small town in Russia, killing several civilians and forcing the Russian president to nearly launch many of their nuclear missiles. Unbeknown to them, it was all part of a beginning phase involving Julian Sark.

The CIA found out that Sark and Oransky were planning on meeting each other in Mexico City and Sydney and Weiss were sent there to gather intel and take photos. Oranksy showed Sark a few photos of an unknown target within Russia, saying that the Russians inadvertently revealed themselves. Before he said anymore, he spotted Sydney observing them and the two fled. Oransky knew he was probably being tracked, so he took a teenage girl hostage while his bodyguards surrounded Sydney, demanding that she put down her gun. With the help of Vaughn and Flinkman, Sydney was able to fool Oransky by tossing him her glasses, where Flinkman hacked into Oransky's ear piece and deployed an ear shattering tone. Sydney was able to subdue or kiil all of his guards, save the girl and even managed to shoot Oransky in the leg. However, he still managed to get away.

It was later confirmed that Oransky shot down his satelite so another satelite would take photos of an underground bunker containing a satelite weapon, which he nicknamed Medusa. Sark and Oransky ambushed all the officers within the bunker and took control of the weapon, ready to launch it. Even though Vaughn and Sydney located the bunker and killed all of their men, Sark managed to trap them inside of the chamber so the Russians would find them. With no other option, they destroyed the generator and the bunker began to malfunction. Sark knew that Medusa was fried and left the bunker, but Oransky stayed behind, longing for revenge since Sydney put a bullet in his leg. Oransky stormed into the chamber shouting out Sydney's name in anger, unaware how dangerous the area really was. While shouting her name a third time, the bunker exploded, incinerating both Medusa and Oransky instantly (Reunion).