Professor Bloom was a guest at a party taking place in Oxford.

Season 1[]

In order to obtain a keycard that gained access to the vault within the building, Anna Espinosa engaged in conversation with Bloom posing as a journalist. She started out by inadvertently making him confess that his department received ancient technology from Tunisia. She then requested to see his lab.

Bloom was seen again lying on the floor in a secluded area after Anna knocked out (or killed) Professor Bloom. With Bloom out of commition, she was able to successfully steal his keycard.

Background information and notes[]

  • It was never confirmed whether or not Anna killed Professor Bloom. It's doubtful she would risk diverting suspicion towards herself by killing a VIP. However, when she was spotted by FTL guards, she told them that someone did something terrible to Professor Bloom, indicating he may have been murdered.
  • Professor Bloom might've been in league with FTL.