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The headquarters of APO was underneath the Los Angeles subway system. During Season 4, APO's director was Arvin Sloane, who had previously led a fake black-ops division of the CIA. Jack Bristow led APO during Season 5. Both answered to CIA Director Hayden Chase.

The name of the organization refers to the sign on the entrance door from the LA subway - "NO ENTRY: Authorized Personnel Only."


To enter APO, an employee had to travel on the Los Angeles subway to the North Hollywood station. At that station, one had to go towards a door marked "NO ENTRY: Authorized Personnel Only." Employees entered the door using a keycard, after which point they would have to push up two levers as well as activate several buttons to enter the main APO entrance hallway. The door shut automatically after the employee entered.


At the end of the hallway was a reception desk. The main bullpen of APO was to the left, where employees worked at computer stations or conversed around tables. The design was bright white on all walls, floors and ceiling. There were minimal doors, with even Arvin Sloane's office not being sectioned off from the rest of the bullpen. The only exception to the bright design was the dark entryway (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1).


Employees (former operatives at the CIA) were hand-picked by Arvin Sloane (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1). They had to leave their former CIA jobs in a way that convinced coworkers who stayed behind that they were no longer working for the government.

Sydney Bristow was given a desk job while being investigated for her supposedly reckless conduct - she subsequently quit the CIA at her disciplinary hearing (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1). Michael Vaughn chose to quit after the events of the previous year. Marshall Flinkman was not initially picked for the APO team, but was later needed on an assignment. He was "arrested" for improper use of government property (he had connected his PS2 to office monitors) (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2). The covers used by Jack Bristow, Marcus Dixon, and Arvin Sloane are unknown.


The agents, their call signs, and positions within APO:


The CIA's Pacific Rim surveillance worked out of the APO office until 1998. After it was closed, it remained unused until the APO division was approved.

APO was created by those at the CIA who felt an increased amount of red tape prevented them for doing their job effectively. They approached Arvin Sloane, who had given them valuable Rambaldi artifacts, to set up a covert operation. The team would be liable to US laws, but not hampered by a bureaucratic chain of command. According to Sloane, the government wanted their own SD-6; a division that "did not exist" with team members that had no paper trail leading to the CIA. He said that government did not want to know how they got things done, just that they did. It took two months to get APO up and running.


CIA Director Hayden Chase gave Sydney instructions; she met Sydney when she arrived at the APO site. She explained that Vaughn, Jack, and Dixon had been hand-picked to carry out the APO agendas. Sydney was initially shocked to see Sloane, a man who ran "what amounts to a terrorist organization," in charge of the division. Chase assured her that they could use his contacts to good effect and he would be closely watched (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1).


Mission 1: Find Yuri Komarov (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1)


Russia's leading nuclear scientist went missing and APO's first task was to find him and a vial of a deadly, unstable isotope called Aurine-12 which he had in his possession and was planning to sell on a train travelling between Belarus and Latvia the following Thursday. APO planned to intercept the isotope and give the buyer, Kazu Tamazaki, a fake isotope that could be tracked by Langley. Sydney managed to get the isotope while Vaughn gave the buyer the tracker. However, Tamazaki did not think Vaughn to be Komarov and so tried to have him killed. Vaughn managed to overpower his attacker and save Sydney before she was killed by her attacker.

Mission 2: Find Kazu Tamazaki; eliminate Roman Vadik (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2)


To attract Tamazaki's attention, APO stole the Shintaro sword from Hazunaga Asian Museum in London (with the help of Marshall Flinkman who joined the team). As they waited for Tamazaki to get word of the stolen sword, Jack Bristow interrogated one of Tamazaki's men from the attack on the train who informed him that Tamazaki was Vadik - the second name was a cover. Tamazaki agreed to a meet, in Rio de Janerio. Upon arriving, Tamazaki instructed Sydney to go to the tenth floor of the Alves building, alone. She soon realized it was a trap; Tamazaki kidnapped her and the sword. Nadia managed to save her after having been informed of the situation by Vaughn and using her knowledge of Tamazaki. Tamazaki knocked Nadia out and ran as Vaughn and Jack arrived. Sydney pursued him and managed to kill him with the Samurai sword he had tried to use against her.

Mission 3: Discover who stole the Valta computer (The Awful Truth)


The Valta computer - holding cutting edge technology - had been stolen by someone and was going to be delivered to a German terrorist organization named the Baden-Liga, but APO did not know from who. The data was stored in the bank in a Bahamas where money was deposited in payment for the Valta, but the data was protected. Sydney and Marshall went to the bank posing as people who wanted their funds stored. They met with the manager so as to be close to the safe. At the same time, Vaughn and Dixon began a fight at a different place in the bank. The manager was called to deal with the situation, and whilst he was out of the room Sydney used the manager's fingerprint to access the identity of the person who stole the Valta computer; Martin Bishop.

Mission 4: Recover the Valta computer (The Awful Truth)


After discovering the identity of Martin Bishop, APO concluded that he was storing the location of the Valta on a highly-defended server inside his mansion, just outside of Malaga. Realizing that it could not be hacked from the outside, Sydney would have to be invited in to get at the server. An elaborate plan was designed involving Sydney supposedly being in a car crash which Bishop helps her out of, then invites her back to his house to clean up afterwards. She managed to hack his server and found the Valta to be at Alameda Yards, container number Charlie-0717. A CIA team was sent and it destroyed the Valta, but was captured by Bishop's men. Sydney, who Bishop realized to be CIA, was kidnapped but she and Weiss escaped and killed Bishop.

Mission 5: Recover Ice 5 (Ice)


Sydney met with Derek Modell who had a sample of Ice 5 (a dangerous biological weapon), but had swallowed it as precaution. He was followed to the meet and despite APO's efforts to save him he was shot and shattered into a thousand pieces as a result of the biological agent which freeze-dried his body. APO discovered that Ice 5 was being developed at Modell's former place of employment; the Hospital Sava in Montenegro by Fenton Keene. Sydney went posing as a British Omnifam worker and with the help of Vaughn (posing as Father Michael Leconte), they managed to take down Keene and acquire the Ice 5 with the aid of Keene's sister, Meghan.

Mission 6: Infiltrate the October Contingent (Welcome to Liberty Village)


An electromagnetic weapon was stolen from a warehouse in Kostroma by Yuri Korelka for the October Contingent. Sloane sent Sydney and Vaughn into Russia, posing as Contingent operatives, to find out what their agenda was and to retrieve the electromagnetic weapon. They went in as Dmitri and Ileona Tabakov and Korelka then gave them the aliases David and Karen Parker. He took them to Liberty Village, an American style neighborhood built to train recruits to become spies. Eventually they discovered the Contingent's plans; to ensure a collapse of a portion of the stock market (using the EMP) which would ensure a "redistribution of wealth" in their favor and result in some civilian deaths. Korelka discovered that Sydney and Vaughn were not the real Tabakovs, but Sydney discovered this and killed him before he could kill her. To stop their attacks who were approaching in a chopper, Sydney set off the EMP which killed all power in a ten mile radius.

Mission 7: Locate Jason Cahill (Nocturne)


APO gets information that agent Nancy Cahill has shot herself to death in Amsterdam after acting hysterical while at work. Her agent husband, Jason Cahill is missing. Jack, Vaughn, and Sydney travel to Amsterdam to track him down. At their apartment, Sydney finds a secret passageway and Jason locked inside. Delirious, he attacks and bites her, infecting her with an unknown pathogen. The doctors can find nothing wrong, but Sydney begins to have frightening hallucinations. Marshall figures out the effects are delayed and the team heads back to Amsterdam to find an antidote. They uncover Cahill's contact, "The Count," who admits he knowingly sold Cahill a bad drug called "Nocturne" because he needed the money. They track down its origins in Prague. Vaughn infiltrates the building while Jack fends off an increasingly paranoid and hostile Sydney. After retrieving the antidote, they dose Sydney as she is about to kill Vaughn. The lab is then raided by the CIA and shut down permanently.

Mission 8: Locate the vial of Black Thorine (Detente)


Vaughn learns that from a contact that Russia produced a breakthrough explosive - Black Thorine.  APO learns the seller is Boris Tambor.  APO is sent to Monte Carlo to track him down at a high stakes poker game.  Tambor stays in to watch a soccer match; Nadia and Sydney go undercover as party girls to meet his bored girlfriend at the hotel bar.  Invited into his room with her, they clone his PDA and learn the Black Thorine is being sold on his yacht, Argento, in the Black Sea.

Mission 9: Prevent the Black Thorine sale (Detente)


Marshall gives Sydney a device to read the combination of the yacht's safe - where the Black Thorine is being stored.  She and Nadia sneak onto the Argento.  Sloan recognizes the buyer, Leo Orissa.  Nadia breaks into the safe and realizes there are 8 canisters - way more than they thought or are prepared to carry.  When Tambor's girlfriend turns on him and tries to make a deal without him, Sydney tells Orissa they are working for Sloane; he is terrified.  He tells them the location of the lab in the Ukraine. They recover all 8 canisters and dispose of Orissa's men in the ensuing fight.

Mission 10: Survey and arrest Anna Espinosa in Brussels (Echoes)


APO was tasked by Jack Bristow with surveilling a meeting that Anna Espinosa had in Brussels with a contact. He took operational command as Espinosa was a person that Arvin Sloane was to have no interaction with, as per the terms of his treaty as head of the organization. Sydney was allowed to bring Espinosa in if the opportunity arose, using whatever force necessary. However, the surveillance mission could never occur because Espinosa kidnapped Nadia and forced Sydney to jump through several hoops to get her back (see the following mission).

Mission 11: Rescue Nadia Santos from Anna Espinosa (Echoes)


Anna forced Sydney to attend the meeting in Brussels, posing as Ana. She had to fake the death of Willem Karg and get his finger as proof of her skill before the contact would give her a package, that Anna was willing to swap in return for Nadia. The mission was successful and Sydney managed to exchange the package for Nadia, who Anna had tied in a car and locked in a trunk. However, during her captivity Anna had branded Nadia with the Eye of Rambaldi on her neck so whenever Sydney look at her she would think of Anna. Nadia had the mark covered with skin grafted from her back. Sydney and Nadia then went after Anna, but they were unable to capture her and Nadia was shot.

Mission 12: Infiltrate the CRF; prevent the development of a chemical bomb (Echoes), (A Man Of His Word)


Using Julian Sark, whom APO had in custody, the organization planned the infiltrate the terrorist group CRF who Anna Espinosa was working for. They planned to use the Dante compound to engineer a chemical bomb. He agreed to help them, but first forced APO to show him the body of his former lover, Lauren Reed, and insisted that Michael Vaughn be the one to take him there. After he had seen her, Sark told them about Ushek San'ko who planned to buy the bomb from Anna, and that he had a working relationship with San'ko. They met with him and asked for information on the bomb, but before he could divulge Anna shot and killed San'ko and helped Sark to escape, asking him for assistance in selling the bomb herself in exchange for the escape.APOdiscovered this and intercepted the bomb, and finally managed to take Anna into custody.

Mission 13: Recover the Blackwell Index (The Index)


Sloane tells the team about the Blackwell Index, an encrypted "blackmail" disc that was stolen.  The APO team (minus Vaughn) is sent to steal a decoder disc from an evidence room in a Paris police precinct.  Marshall makes a fake decoder disc to give Sloane (APO suspects he is recreating The Alliance).  Sydney intentionally gets arrested; Dixon poses as her lawyer and tranquilizes the policeman.  Nadia guides Sydney to the evidence room and scrambles the security cameras.

They uncover a secret contact Sloane had with former Alliance member, Miles Devereaux.  He takes the fake decoder disc to him - in exchange for the Blackwell Index.  The APO team, along with Director Chase, burst in to arrest Sloane.  Sloane, however, was working with Jack all along to get the Index and now Jack is in danger.  Nadia rescues him at the last second.  She takes out Devereaux and his men, recovering the Index.

Mission 14: Retrieve the Biometric Targeting Device; locate its creator (The Road Home)


Mission 15: Steal the Amplifying Glass (The Orphan)


Mission 16: Discover the Third Faction's bomb target; disable the bomb (Tuesday)


Mission 17: Recover the transformer coil from Project Nightingale (Nightingale)


Mission 18: Find the rogue Michael Vaughn (Pandora)


Mission 19: Find who is impersonating Arvin Sloane (Another Mister Sloane), (A Clean Conscience)


Mission 20: Locate the Hydrosek (A Clean Conscience), (Mirage)


Mission 21: Locate Jack Bristow; treat his radiation sickness (Mirage)


When Jack Bristow failed to report in for duty, members of the APO team became suspicious. Sydney and Vaughn went to Jack's apartment, where they found many bottles of medication and used syringes. Sydney reported back to APO, and Marshall Flinkman reluctantly told her what happened during the Project Nightingale mission. Weiss found Jack on a traffic camera and Marshall traced the car to a building on Pierpont. Sydney and Vaughn went to the location and found Jack, delusional, injecting himself with a poison. The only known doctor who could help treat Jack was in a deep witness protection programme with no written records. The only person who knew where he was was Jack, who could not think straight. To help, the APO team reconstructed Jack's life in 1981, convincing him that Syndey was in fact his wife "Laura", and he confessed the location to her. They found the doctor, Atticus Liddell, who helped to treat him.

Mission 22: Locate Elena and Irina Derevko (Search And Rescue)


After locating Lucian Nisard, APO learned that Irina Derevko was alive and she had been duplicated using technology from the Helix Project.

Mission 23: Stop Elena Derevko from enacting Rambaldi's "endgame" (Search And Rescue), (Before The Flood)