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Arvin Sloane (born 31 October 1950) was the head of SD-6, a branch of the Alliance of Twelve, working against the United States government under the pretence that SD-6 was a black ops division of the CIA. After the collapse of SD-6 he moved on to pursuing knowledge of the 15th century prophet Milo Rambaldi before turning himself over to the U.S. government and becoming the head of the charitable organization Omnifam. As time went on the government entrusted Sloane with more comprehensive tasks and allowed him to set up a real black ops division, Authorized Personnel Only. After his true desire to pursue Rambaldi was revealed, he left APO and began work with Prophet Five.

For over thirty years Sloane was encapsulated by a desire to discover the secrets of the prophet Milo Rambaldi. Whilst working with SD-6 he sent agents out on many missions to retrieve or learn more about Rambaldi, with the sole aim of personal fulfilment. After leaving SD-6 he pursued Rambaldi himself, and continued on a quest to discover Rambaldi's true endgame; immortality. When Sloane finally discovered it with the assistance of Irina Derevko and The Horizon, he became trapped in an underground cavern, pinned down by debris from a bomb blast created by former work colleague Jack Bristow with no hope of ever escaping, stuck for eternity.

Personal Information[]

  • ID-CLASS: [[1]]
  • Present Location: Los Angeles
  • Date Of Birth: 10/31/50
  • Place Of Birth: Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 175
  • Training/Special Skills: World History, Linguistics.
  • Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish
  • Education: Doctorate in Linguistics, m. Finance.
  • Experience: Recruit, 01-25-69


Before Season 1[]

Early life[]

The first time Sloane heard the name, "Rambaldi" he was working with the army corps of engineers. He saw it merely as a curiosity, and set it aside (In Dreams...).



Sloane comforts his wife after the death of their child (In Dreams...)

Thirty years before Season 4, Emily Sloane was pregnant with Arvin and Emily's daughter, Jacquelyn. Arvin suggested names such as Carlotta, Pernabio or Verbina before they settled on Jacquelyn. However, it was suggested that she died during childbirth. One day when together, he suggested to Emily that they take a boat to Bellagio, but she was too damaged over the loss of her child, and maintained that she needed to be alone (In Dreams...). It was probably around this time that he instigated an affair with Irina Derevko, unwitttingly conceiving Nadia in the process.

After the death of the child, Sloane felt abandoned. After this, he became involved in Rambaldi and his obsession began. He claimed that it "filled a hole" in his heart (In Dreams...). When Jack was taken in due to issues with Irina, he and Emily were entrusted with caring for Sydney.


After she trained for eight months (Q&A), Sydney was allowed to the real SD-6. Sloane greeted, her saying that he had been waiting for a long time to meet her. He disliked the fact that Sydney was still at college whilst working at SD-6, but allowed her to continue (Truth Be Told).

Director of SD-6[]

Season 1[]

Sloane sent Sydney and Dixon on a reconnaissance mission to a laboratory in Taipei where they saw a prototype of the Mueller device. He told them just to observe the device, which they successfully did. Whilst they were away on the mission Sloane learnt that Daniel Hecht, Sydney's fiancée, had become a security leak after Sydney told him of her work with SD-6. He told Jack Bristow of the leak, who had Danny killed. Sydney confronted Sloane after she returned, and Sloane said that she should not break procedure as she knew the consequences.

Sydney took a three month leave of absense and refused to come back to work. Sloane saw her as a security threat and so sent a team to kill her. With the help of her father she escaped, and travelled to Taipei and recovered the Mueller device single-handedly. She returned and gave the device to Sloane, saying that she was going to take a week off as she had midterms (Truth Be Told).

Sloane sent Sydney and Dixon on a mission to Moscow to stop Nabul Hasayn Navor from stealing files from the Russian government. They returned and from the disc Sloane found that there was a nuclear weapon buried in the US. Milovich Ivanov was connected and so he sent Sydney to investigate. She found the bomb and with the help of Marshall Flinkman, deactivated it. Sloane then sold the bomb to Ineni Hassan, and when Sydney went to recapture it Jack Bristow told Sloane that she had gone away for a few days (So It Begins).

In an SD-6 briefing, Sloane informed employees of Milo Rambaldi, and explained that it was he who created the Mueller device, which was still being examined. He also invented some sort of machine code in 1489, which SD-6 only possessed half of. The other half was on the back of a Rambaldi sketch in the possession of Eduardo Benegas before it was stolen from him by K-Directorate. Sloane sent Sydney on a mission to Madrid to retrieve the sketch, in which she was successful. However, Marshall was unable to open the case, and so Jack Bristow was called in to help. Jack contacted K-Directorate, who was in possession of the key that opened the case, and offered to meet at a neutral location and the two agencies to open the box together. Sydney dismissed the idea but Sloane said that K-Directorate did not know that there was another half to the code that SD-6 already had, so they had nothing to lose by showing the enemy this half. Sloane later asked Jack if he told Sydney the truth about her mother's death, and Jack shook his head (Parity).

Season 2[]

After being made full Alliance partner, Sloane had a device implanted in his neck so that he could be surveilled 24/7 by Alliance command. However his promotion would be only temporarily ceremonious as Sydney and Jack's persistent work as double agents caused irreparable damage to SD-6. Soon the pressures of various failures placed Sloane in a tight spot, and to make matters worse, he is made to believe that his wife, Emily, is still alive and being held captive by his blackmailers. Once the Alliance handles his blackmailers, Sloane goes off the grid; he has a contractor void the componant in his neck just before murdering him.

Anthony Gieger is put in Sloane's place as leader of SD-6, and uncovers that Jack and Sydney are the traitors in their midst. A transmission not meant to be seen affords Sydney and the C.I.A. possible access into all SD cells, effectively allowing them to shut down the Alliance for good. Once SD-6 and the Alliance fall to a major C.I.A. raid, it is revealed that Sloane and Julian Sark were behind the whole operation, and that Emily was alive and well; Sloane had faked her own death in order to secure her safety.

In pursuit of Rambaldi[]

Season 2[]

Sloane, now free from Alliance control and with nearly all the Rambaldi artifacts in his possession, goes on a pursuit to uncover the end-game. With the assistance of Julian Sark, Sloane's operations within the underworld prove most effective. Sloane takes Niel Caplan, a brilliant scientist, into his custody, and forces him to place together the Rambaldi pieces necessary to complete the quest.

Upon joining forces with Irina Derevko, Sloane attempts to persuade his wife, Emily, to join him in completing his 30 year odyssey. Emily, who had initially been deployed by the CIA in a sting operation to get him arrested, agrees but is accidentally shot and killed by Marcus Dixon in his attempts to take out Sloane. In retaliation Arvin has Marcus's wife killed by Allison Doren via car explosion. Sloane however continues to slip out of his dogmatic faith, and soon travels to a mysterious monastery to meet with a Rambaldi loyalist named Conrad. Conrad shows Sloane a Rambaldi scroll that reveals he is following his path and that Emily's death was a necessary sacrifice.

Sloane returns to continue his passion, and builds the Rambaldi device he had been obsessed over. After kidnapping Jack Bristow, Sydney leads an assault team to Mexico City to bring down Sloane and Irina. Both Irina and Arvin successfully escape; Sloane having gotten away with the Rambaldi device.


Season 3[]

After discovering that he had a daughter in the two years of Sydney's disappearance, Arvin Sloane appears to have reformed after the Rambaldi device commanded him to make the world a more peaceful place; He set up OmniFam, an organization operating out of Zurich, to cure countless diseases and to put an end to world hunger. Sydney naturally does not believe his good intentions, and that the company is merely a front for his real intentions.

After being taken captive by an agent of the Covenant, Kazari Bomani, Sloane offers his loyalties to the organization; however, in an attempt to gain both Jack and Sydney's trust, he serves as a double agent, being loyal to the C.I.A. while working for the Covenant. Sloane's work assists the C.I.A. greatly in their attempts, but the Covenant's own mole within the C.I.A., Lauren Reed, soon frames Arvin Sloane for her own acts of treachery that results in Dixon's two children being kidnapped by Sark. Sloane is sentenced to death upon the Covenant staging Senator Reed - a man he worked with for an organisation known as the Trust - as a double agent for the Covenant, and Jack soon learns that Sloane is not only innocent, but there would be no way of preventing his execution. Jack uses a chemical agent in order to fake Sloane's death via lethal injection, and Sloane goes underground with Jack and Sydney to locate the prophecised Rambaldi "Passenger".

The Passenger is revealed to be the love child of Arvin and Irina Derevko, Nadia Santos; the product of an affair they had over 20 years prior. Sloane claims that he only pursued this quest to see her safe. However, when the Covenant stage a raid on the safehouse they're hiding in, Sloane betrays Jack and Sydney in order to continue his Rambaldi journey. By injecting Nadia against her will with a special serum, Nadia became a conduit for Rambaldi, writing down various complex equations that would lead to the next step.

Lauren and Sark attempt to gain the information from Nadia with massive doses despite Arvin's attempts to give her rest, but were unsuccessful. Nadia is rescued by Sydney, but she purposely leaves out critical information regarding her writings. She agrees to give that information to her father, as the two venture on the journey together.

Work at APO[]

Season 4[]


Sloane relives memories (In Dreams...)

When the person posing as Sloane was finally captured by APO, it was discovered that he had been brainwashed to believe that he was, in fact Sloane. As he was the only one that knew of the location of the Rambaldi Orchid extract, Marshall suggested reliving a traumatic memory and inserting the memory into the brain of the fake Sloane to help shock him out of it. To do so, Sloane relived the death of his child, Jacquelyn Sloane. The memory caused Sloane great stress and at first he fought against remembering it, but helped to identify the imposed, who revealed himself as Ned Bolger.

However, Sloane refused to come out of the memory. He deluded himself into believing that Jacquelyn was born without a problem. Marshall reported to the others that he was stuck in the moment of Emily's pregnancy. Nadia suggested just waking him up, but Jack said that the shock could kill him. Nadia decided to talk him back out of the state of unconsciousness, much like Jack had originally talked him into it to help relive the memory. While Marshall said it could cost Sloane his life, he had no other ideas. In Sloane'e delusion, Nadia appeared. He told her to stay there with them, but she tried to explain that Emily and Jacquelyn were dead. Eventually he understood, and woke up. Later, he recalled to Jack when his obsession with Rambaldi began - just after the death of Jacquelyn - and seeing Ned Bolger made him realise how much of himself he had lost. He promised to clean up the mess he had made (In Dreams...).

Elena Derevko sent a team into the Department of Special Research to steal all the Rambaldi artefacts necessary to complete "Rambaldi's endgame". On the same night, she left Sydney and Nadia's house, saying that she had been informed by the Lisbon police that it was safe for her to return. Hours later, Hayden Chase entered the house and accused Nadia of working against the government and allowing the team to break into the DSR. It was at this point that Jack and Sloane began to realize that "Sophia" was Elena, which was backed by the microphone found in the necklace given to Nadia by Sophia (The Descent).

Sloane deduced that Elena would go to Lazlo Drake with the Rambaldi artefacts. Sydney and Sloane went to meet him, but he was already dead. Sydney found a hidden camera and rewound the feed to see Elena talking with Drake. Before she could see where they planned to take the Rambaldi artifacts, Sloane tranquilized her and left. He met up with Elena in her office in Prague and offered his services to help complete what she was doing. Dixon, Nadia and Sydney were sent on a mission to try to stop them. Dixon found Elena and Sloane, but Elena shot him before he could react. When in the hospital, Dixon told Sydney that he saw Irina Derevko before being shot by Elena, who had Sydney's mother in captivity (The Descent).

Elena and Sloane constructed a massive Mueller device over the Russian city of Sovogda which, in conjunction with the tainted water supply from The Orchid, led the people of Sovogda with a severe infection that made them violent (Search And Rescue). When Sloane learnt that APO had sent a team into the city to try to stop them, he offered to head out with the team himself (Before The Flood).


Sloane shoots Nadia to save Sydney (Before The Flood)

Sloane waited at the train station that APO was arriving at, with Elena's men. Just before the train pulled in, however, he shot and killed all of Elena's men. When the team arrived, Sloane insisted that he was still working for them, and that he was undercover with Elena to stop her. He began issuing orders to each member of the team before Jack punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor. The team were contacted by Marshall and Weiss who said that Elena was trying to uplink a subaudible frequency to the Russian mil-sat network to distribute the infection world-wide. The second that the bombers were scheduled to destroy Sovogda, the frequency would be broadcast causing the effects of Sovogda to occur worldwide. Weiss told them that they had around forty minutes to stop Elena. Marshall sent them building blueprints, but they realised that Elena would have every exit guarded. Jack told Sloane that he would help them get in, or he would shoot him. Sloane said it was possible to get to the roof, but stopping the device would be less easy. Irina explained that she could shut down the device by stopping the ionisation, and the only result would be the impact of the water (Before The Flood).

Sydney went to the roof to stop the device, but it was being guarded by Nadia, who they found had been infected with the virus. They fought for a while, Sydney refusing to shoot her sister. Sydney got the better of Nadia and chained her up. She began to disarm the device but just before she stopped it, Nadia began to choke her with the wire Sydney had chained her up with. As Sydney was about to die, Sloane arrived on the roof and shot Nadia. Vaughn arrived and, with Sloane, took Nadia into the elevator as Sydney cut the blue wire (Before The Flood).

The Mueller device exploded, and water flooded Sovogda. The team managed to get to a safe location before they drowned. Back in the United States, Sloane was in federal custody. Sydney approached him and said that Nadia's vitals were stable, and she was being kept sedated until an antidote could be found. Sydney arranged for Sloane to see Nadia, and said that she believed he was trying to do the right thing. He thanked her, and was taken to see his daughter (Before The Flood).

Season 5[]

Sloane is still in federal custody, with Sydney willingly helping him find a way to cure Nadia. Unbeknownst to Sydney, he is approached by Prophet Five - in exchange for a cure of Nadia's condition, he assists them in their plot. Nadia is successfully cured, but this reprieve is cut short when he accidentally kills her in order to save Rambaldi documents she had thrown in a fireplace.

Nadia's death pushes Sloane to betray everyone in order to continue his obsession with Rambaldi despite repeated hauntings from her apparition, and although he discovers immortality through The Horizon, Jack sacrifices his life in a pyrrhic victory to trap his immortal being in a cave for all eternity.


Emily Sloane

Was Arvin Sloane's wife for more then thirty years.

They tried for years to have a child, Emily became pregnant & gave birth to a daughter they had decided to name Jacqulyn, but the child died moments after birth.

Neither was willing to go through a pregnancy and death of another child so they would remain childless.

Though for a time they raised Sydney when Jack was arrrested for possibly working with his wife the KGB agent Irina Derevko.

Jack Bristow

Sydney Bristow

Nadia Santos



  • Arvin Sloane: I understand your reluctance to work with me given... well, given everything. Despite my former allegiance, despite my betrayal of you and this country, you can't deny it; we were a great team. So I'll ask you this, just once, to please give me a chance. (Authorized Personnel Only, Part 1)
  • Arvin Sloane: I was a good man once. Now I'm a monster. And monsters cannot be allowed in this world.
  • Nadia Santos: Yes you were once a good man. I believe it. And you can be again. But you have to undo what you've set in motion. You have not earned the right to rest.
  • Arvin Sloane: I'm tired, Nadia. I am tired. And I am ashamed.
  • Nadia Santos: Then there's hope. Come back and redeem yourself. (In Dreams...)


  • Sloane was born on Halloween; 31 October.
  • Sloane appears in all but two episodes of Alias. See Character appearances for more information.