Anna Espinosa was a cold-hearted assassin - the ruthless and persistent nemesis of Sydney Bristow.

In season one, she worked for K-Directorate, a rival organization of SD-6.


She was their "go-to" officer for wetwork and active measures. After the "The Man", aka Irina Derevko, took down the organization and seized control of its assets, Anna faked her own death.

Afterward, she worked freelance, selling her skills as an assassin to the highest bidder.

Before Season 1

Anna was born in Cuba, but raised in Russia.


She was the go-to officer for K-Directorate for operations that involved wetwork or active measures. A year before season 1, Sydney met with a low-level informant in Yugoslavia and Anna recorded the entire conversation with a microphone. As the informant left, she shot him in the head with a sniper rifle just to warn Sydney - her way of telling Sydney that Anna was way out of her league (Parity).

Season 1


Both Anna and Sydney are sent to Madrid to an Auto Museum owned by Eduardo Benegas to find a lockbox containing Rambaldi information. Anna is posing as a waiter and Sydney as a guest. When Sydney got to the Museum, Anna made her and winked at her, then retreated to go find the box.


By crawling through the ducts, Anna reaches the box first and leaves Sydney staring at her through the glass screen. She kisses the screen and leaves with the box, just in time for the alarm to go off. After evading the police forces, Sydney finds Anna and the two engage in a fierce fight, but Anna still manages to leave with the box. Just as Anna was about to escape, Sydney shoots the box and it falls into her hands. Anna stares angrily at Sydney, who smirks back at her (Parity).

Later that same night, both agents are sent to open the box simultaneously, and are shocked to see an ASCII code written in 0s and 1s. Both agents memorize the pattern and retreat to their agencies, only to realize they both made a mistake. Anna and Sydney encounter each other again in a church in Málaga, Spain in a race to retrieve another Rambaldi artifact: The Golden Sun. After another fierce fight, Sydney handcuffs Anna inside the church and leaves with the artifact, victorious once again (A Broken Heart).

Vaughn later mentions to Sydney that Anna was spotted leaving the Mangalev institute in Bucharest, before Sydney, and may also be heading to Oxford's Department of Engineering to recover the Rambaldi artefact. (1.7 Color-Blind)

Anna is seen again in Oxford trying to obtain the Rambaldi Clock, but Sydney beats her to it. With the help of K-Directorate, Anna found out that the clock was in Italy and that Sydney was meeting with the man who made it. After he was killed, Anna pursued Sydney, but she got away again. Somehow, Anna and K-Directorate figured out that the Rambaldi's journal was located within a cave in Mount Aconcagua and ambushed Dixon and Sydney, critically wounding Dixon in a shootout. Anna demanded Sydney give her the book, but she fought Anna instead, who wound up shooting and presumably killing Sydney. As she was escaping the cave via ladder, she encountered Sydney yet again and knocked her off, presumably killing her again as she fell (Time Will Tell).

Season 4



After her supposed death, Anna showed up on APO's watchlist and it seemed as though she has severed her ties from K-Directorate, working as a freelancing assassin. It was revealed that Anna was going to meet a man in Brussels and she and Nadia were supposed to survey the meet. Before they could, Anna kidnapped Nadia and told Sydney that if she didn't do what she said, she would kill Nadia.

While Sydney was posing as Anna herself, Anna and her bodyguard branded Nadia on the neck with the Eye of Rambaldi. After Sydney received a Dante Compound from the man Anna was supposed to meet, she met with Anna in a shopping mall, handing her the compound. Anna told Sydney to go to the 5th story of a parking garage or else her assassins would kill Nadia. Sydney, offended that Anna touched her, began to fight in the middle of the store. When Nadia is rescued, Sydney and Nadia travel to Estonia upon hearing of a meeting between Vorich and Espinosa. While surveying, they witness Anna garrote Vorich and make her escape. Before Nadia and Sydney can catch her, she escapes...but not before shooting Nadia in the back (Echoes)

With a chemical bomb in her possession, Anna planned on selling the bomb to Ushek San'ko, but before she did, she tried to kill Nadia once more. However, Sloane made sure Nadia was moved to a different room and Anna wound up shooting a stack of blood packets. After the failed hit, she went to San'ko's club and killed him, rescuing Sark in the confusion and evaded Vaughn and Sydney. She also removed the tracking bomb inserted in his neck.

Over dinner, Anna told Sark that she assassinated San'ko because she thought the CRF was weak and that they weren't paying her enough money, so she began working as a freelancer with Sark. The next day, they traveled to Venice to sell the bomb to a man named Michel Guinot, but during the transaction, Sydney and Vaughn showed up and spoiled the deal. While escaping, Sark betrayed Anna and sealed her inside of a building, letting her deal with Sydney herself. After yet another vicious fight, Anna lost again and was taken into custody (A Man Of His Word)

Season 5

Prophet 5

Anna was visited by Kelly Peyton in jail and asked to work for Prophet 5. At first, Anna declined the offer, repeatedly telling her to get out of her sight, but when Peyton mentioned destroying Sydney Bristow, she agreed to work for them. Anna posed as an agent of the Witness Protection Program and infiltrated Will's house, tasing and kidnapping him. Anna later made a call to Yerik Semanko and told him she had captured the subject and was ready for payment. After meeting Semanko, she told him Will was in room 147. As Sydney began to rescue him, she entered the room and fought with Sydney, cutting her arm so Dr. Burris could analyze her DNA. After she rescued Will, Anna escaped Semanko's club (There's Only One Sydney Bristow).

When Sydney discovered a bomb was in Will's head, Anna called her and told her to bring Page 47 to her or else Will would die.


Sydney traveled to Lisbon and met Anna on the train, where they fought again as Anna activated the bomb. During the fight, Sydney recovered the detonator and deactivated the bomb, only to be sealed inside of a train car that doused Sydney with a chemical agent that collected her DNA. Just as Will was rescued, Anna reactivated his bomb, which was quickly set off by Sydney again. With the DNA in his grasp, Dr. Burris submerged Anna in a vat of red liquid which transformed her outward appearance to exactly mirror that of Sydney Bristow (There's Only One Sydney Bristow).

After receving a call that Espinosa was located in Ghana, APO sent Sydney, Thomas Grace, Rachel Gibson and Renee Rienne to go after her. However, it turned out to be a diversion, as Anna was hiding elsewhere and knew about the ambush. While everyone else chased after her car, Renee found Anna behind an alley. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell it was Anna due to her new appearance. Anna took the opportunity to take out a knife and slit her throat, and she bled to death soon afterwards (30 Seconds).

Anna met with Sloane when he returned to Prophet 5 after killing his daughter, where they began to talk about their lives. Anna found out about Isabelle Vaughn and said that it's always the children who suffer, making a comment about the recently deceased Nadia. Sloane told Anna that she was expendable and only an asset to Prophet 5 and as soon as she had fulfilled her purpose, they would not have any problem disposing of her. Anna travelled to Nepal to find someone regarding the chip found within Rienne and ran into Nabin, who told her that Vaughn was alive and recovering well. Anna killed Nabin and replaced him with a Fake Nabin for Sydney to encounter. After Sydney got into a car crash that leaves her trapped inside her vehicle, Anna approached her and set her vehicle on fire, heading for Vaughn's hideout (I See Dead People).

Anna met an oblivious Vaughn and told him about his daughter and the death of Rienne. Vaughn asked her where the chip inside Rienne's body was located and Anna said she doesn't know. Vaughn realized that there was another half to the chip and Anna cut open Vaughn's chest. Vaughn found the other half of the chip and connected the pieces together, which led to a bunker in Hamburg, Germany. Anna and Vaughn headed out to Germany just when Sydney arrived a moment too late.

Anna and Vaughn headed inside a jewellery shop and Anna faked a seizure,


stealing the owner's keys. Anna knocked out the owner and follows Vaughn into the bunker, breaking her cover and aiming her gun at Vaughn. Unbeknownst to Anna, the gun was empty after Vaughn realized she wasn't Sydney and took out the ammo from the magazine. They got into a long fight in the bunker and Anna knocked Vaughn down after slamming his head through a glass pane and kicking him in the face. Anna picked up a loaded gun and aimed it at a fallen Vaughn. Seconds before being shot, Vaughn was saved as the real Sydney showed up and shot Anna twice in the back and again through the back of the head (I See Dead People).


  • Anna Espinosa: I heard about your fiancé. Very sad. I thought perhaps it was a security execution sanctioned by your employer. Maybe you said something in your sleep you shouldn't have. But then why would you be here in service for the men that killed your true love? (1.3 Parity)
  • Anna Espinosa: Sorry Syd, don't have time to chat. I got a date. Now, I don't know exactly what I'm gonna to do with your boyfriend, but whatever it is...I'll have fun doing it. (I See Dead People)


  • Anna had her own segue in Parity, which featured a woman vocalizing in a foreign dialect.
  • Anna has the longest wait for a returning character. Her last appearance in season 1 was "Time Will Tell" and she doesn't reappear till Season 4's "Echoes".
  • Was played by Gina Torres from 1-4 and was in 5.12 There's Only One Sydney Bristow as Gina Torres and then Jennifer Garner played Anna Espinosa.
  • First episode was 1.3 Parity and last episode was as Gina Torres was 5.12 There's Only One Sydney Bristow and last episode with the character was 5.14 I See Dead People.
  • Michael Vaughn remarked that Anna was a terrible kisser in 5.14 I See Dead People.
  • While never part of the main cast, Anna is one of two characters to appear in both the first and final seasons of Alias, the other being Arthur Devlin.