Andrian Lazarey was a Russian diplomat who faked his death when he became a target of The Covenant. He was also Sark's father.

Before Season 3[]

Posing as Julia Thorne, Sydney faked Lazarey's death and he was rescued by the CIA. Lazarey had spent 30 years of his life locating 12 keys that would open a vault inside a Rambaldi cave. After his death was faked, both he and Sydney were sent to collect the box within the vault. However, upon retrieving it, a large rock crushed Lazarey's hand and the cave began to collapse. With no other option, Sydney cut off Lazarey's arm and the two escaped. (Full Disclosure)

Season 3[]

After The Covenant began to increase in activity, Will contacted Lazarey and the two agreed to meet at an abandoned wharf late at night. Will asked him if he would help him take down The Covenant, but Lazarey denied his involvement and began to walk away. Although when Will mentioned Julia's name, he walked back and began to talk about his involvement and a safe deposit box in the Gratz hotel. Just then, Sark arrived and shot a tranquilizer into Lazarey's neck, kidnapping him.

Sark started a conversation with his father about his unhappy childhood where Lazarey abandoned and abused him. Lazarey retorted the statement saying he cared for his son since he was granted $800,000,000, and thought Sark was ungrateful. Sark demanded to know what Lazarey and Will discussed at the port, but Lazarey denied everything. Sark took a blowtorch and slowly hovered it over Lazarey's neck, torturing him off-screen. Somewhere during the torture, he revealed everything to Sark. (Remnants)

After Sydney remembered everything from her previous two years, the CIA raided Sark's warehouse and recovered the box, as well as Lazarey. A heavily wounded Lazarey was about to reveal information about "The Passenger" in the ambulance he was traveling in, but Sydney told him to wait. Just when Lazarey was being taken inside the hospital, Lauren Reed shot him three times in the chest. (Full Disclosure)