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Andrew Divoff is a Venezuelan actor and Stuntman of Russian Decent best known for his roles in Wishmaster (with Kane Hodder and Angus Scrimm), Another 48 Hrs, A Low Down Dirty Shame, Air Force One (with Elya Baskin, Ilia Volok, Tom Everett, etc), CSI: Miami (with Mark Rolston), Lost (with Terry O'Quinn, François Chau, Greg Grunberg, Ian Patrick Williams, Lindsey Ginter, Nick Jameson, Michelle Arthur, Byron Chung, Ron Bottitta, etc) and for playing Russian Terrorist Karakurt in the Third Season of The Blacklist (Michael Massee played Karakurt First), he played Terrorist Lucian Nisard in The Descent and 4.21 Search And Rescue.

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