Allen Korman was a German freelancing hitman who killed Thomas Grace's wife.

Before Season 5[]

Allen Korman was working as a freelancer for various organizations. He even worked as partners with Tom a few years back. A man only known as The Cardinal sent Korman to kill Tom for an unknown reason, but he wound up killing his wife instead by accident (No Hard Feelings).

Season 5[]

Tom broke into CIA Headquarters in Langley and found out Korman was a member of the Witness Protection Program while on his personal vendetta. Korman met with Grace inside of a parking garage in order to find The Cardinal and he agreed to search for him (S.O.S).

Over the past several weeks, Korman and Grace met with each other at an impound lot and Korman came to Grace after finally finding out information about The Cardinal. He handed Grace the information and the two departed, unaware that Rachel Gibson saw the whole meeting. Grace confessed to Rachel that Korman killed his wife and needed to take his car out of the impound lot for his own personal needs.

When Grace delivered the car to Korman, he took out a stash of hidden diamonds and thanked Grace. In return, he demanded to know why the hit was ordered on his wife, but Korman didn't want to tell him because he knew Grace wanted revenge. Korman held a gun at Grace and threatened to shoot him, even though Grace didn't care. Korman told Grace that "she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time." His informant said Grace was picking her up from her job and Korman was waiting for him, but inadvertently killed Amanda instead.

Korman got into his car and warned Grace not to follow him because he'll know. As Korman drove away, Grace pressed a button on his stopwatch and activated a bomb underneath Korman's car, incinerating him. Grace never found out why The Cardinal ordered the hit on him and the remaining secrets died with Korman (No Hard Feelings).