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The Alias Wiki Rotunda, named after the circular base of the Central Intelligence Agency integral to several seasons of the show, is our base of operations for what needs to be improved to make this Wiki the internet's best resource for everything about Alias.

General editing for grammar, clarity, consistency, as well as new factual content, is always welcome. If you're interested in filling in missing information, this page lists the spots in the wiki that need attention. Alias Wiki is split into five main sections, and edits to any of the following five are greatly appreciated.

  1. Episode pages
  2. Character pages
  3. Actor pages
  4. Locations
  5. Devices/Objects

Needing attention[]

Episode pages[]

It is easy to find an episode page that has not been created. Simply visit either Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 or Season 5's page and look for red links to episode guides. They are easy to spot out; episode pages are the ones where the title of the episode is preceded by the season and episode number. For example, Season 1 Episode 16, The Prophecy, is listed as 1.16 The Prophecy, and so on.

Creating the pages is not all that needs to be done. Many pages have been created but are not up with the style of our new episode pages. For a perfect example of episode page style, see 1.1 Pilot. Either copy and paste the information from this page on to the new episode page, or use the tab that appears when editing a new page, entitled "Episode".

Character pages[]

There are literally thousands of characters on Alias, every single one of which needs a page of their own. For a good example of a recurring character page, see Kazu Tamazaki. Information from each episode the character appears in needs to be sourced with the appropriate episode template. For example, if the information came from 1.1 Pilot, use the template {{1x01}}, which ends up like this; (Truth Be Told). Main characters need information of their actions from every single episode they have been in. Therefore if you see a main character's page and it is incomplete please feel free to edit it.

The layout for a character page can be found using the tab at the top of a new page. Categories are an important part of character pages so that we can ensure that all characters can easily be found. Every single character has to be within the [[Category:Characters]]. They also have to be within their appropriate season category, e.g. [[Category:Season 1 characters]], and their organization, for example [[Category:SD-6]]. Bad guys also have the [[Category:Antagonists]]. Other categories include [[Category:People killed by Sydney Bristow]] and [[Category:Followers of Rambaldi]].

Remember, when filling in the default sidebar for a character, it is not necessary to use every column that is there. For example if a character's date of birth is not known, leave the section blank rather than putting N/A or Unknown.

Actor pages[]

Actor pages can be very simple. The tab at the top of creating a new page outlines all that needs to be added to such a page; date/place of birth (if available), the character who they play on the show, their filmography and an optional biography if their are substantial enough. It is not necessary to create pages for all actors; these pages are secondary to actual information from the show and therefore it is requested you focus on creating other sorts of pages before moving on to actor pages. Nevertheless all edits are very much appreciated and if you enjoy making these sorts of pages please feel free.


Again, locations are simple. Using the tab at the top of the page can provide all the information necessary. Be sure to include everything that happens within that location from whichever episodes it is featured in. If it is in more than one episode, source the information you have used with the episode templates (see the characters section for more on this).

If someone mentions the country a place in (or a continent a country is in, etc.), include the larger section which references the more significant one, for example Brazil.


Devices and objects are key to Alias, in the form of Marshall's gadgets, Rambaldi artefacts or others. A default page layout is available when a new page is created which has all the information you need on it. Remember that all sections of the sidebar do not need to be filled out; for example you do not need to say who created, used, and owned a device if, for example, it was simply created by Marshall and used by Sydney. In this instance, the owned section is unnecessary, and it can be left blank.


Marking pages for attention[]

There are different categories of pages needing attention:

  • If you see a page that needs general attention, feel free to add the {{pna}} template to it.
  • If you see an episode page that is incomplete, use the {{pna-episode}} template.
  • If you see a page with one or more sections that are incomplete, add the {{pna-expand}} template.
  • If you see a page which needs sources for the information it has, use the {{pna-source}} template.