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The Alias Wiki was started on 28 July 2008 as a free encyclopedic reference for the television series Alias. We aim to be the most comprehensive guide on the internet to everything to do with Alias; from in universe articles such as characters, episodes, locations and devices, to out of universe articles such as DVDs, actors, novels and other behind the scenes information. The site is a collaborative effort to document all known facts about the television series and its spin-off materials. Anyone can contribute to any article on the site merely by clicking on the Edit this page tab at the top of each page.

Alias Wiki aspires to be the most up-to-date and reliable source of information about Alias. Currently we have 1,218 articles.

Alias Wiki is in no way related to or endorsed by ABC. Alias is copyright ABC. All rights reserved. Please see the general disclaimer for more information.

WARNING: Alias Wiki contains spoilers on all episodes of all series of the Alias TV show. Be warned for those viewers who have not yet seen all episode of the series