Alex Rucker was an APO informant in Cuba.

Season 4[]

Disguised as a dancer, Sydney traveled to Havana to rendevous with Alex regarding the whereabouts of a deadly WMD. Alex spotted Sydney and started to dance with her in the crowd, explaining to her that his partner and friend, Ulrich Kottor, will be hunting him down for the rest of his life. However, Alex agreed to give Sydney the information for the payment of jewelry. Alex informs Sydney that Third Faction is planning a large-scale attack sometime soon and the information regarding the attack is stored on a hard drive, which Marcus Dixon retrieved from a locker. Afterwards, Sydney told Alex to switch dancing partners and he began to dance with someone else, with Ulrich closely observing him.

In turns out that the information was useless, and the hard drive was merely a decoy stored with noxious white gas that infected one of the APO technicians and Marcus. Ulrich captured Alex and Sydney and dragged them to a graveyard in the middle of the night. Despite pleaing for his life and trying to talk his way out of it, Ulrich took out a gun and executed Alex, kicking his body into a coffin shortly before kicking Sydney inside the same coffin and burying both of them.