Production code
November 10 2005
Written by
Jeffrey Bell
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jeffrey Bell

Solo is the 6th episode of Season 5 of Alias, and the 94th episode overall. Rachel goes on her first mission while her family is placed in the witness protection program for their safety. Meanwhile APO sets up a trap using János Vak as bait which they hope will capture Dean, and they set Rachel the task of bringing him in.

Plot Overview[]

Sydney and Rachel watch a scared family from behind a two-way mirror. Rachel gazes at them sadly, and talks about the guilt that she feels for putting them in danger. Sydney assures her that putting them in the witness protection program is the best way to ensure their safety. Rachel enters the room and embraces her family.

Later, Sloane reports to Dean that Rachel's family is in the protection program. After Dean makes it clear that Sloane should be prepared to kill them, Dean tells Sloane to find Janos Vak, a Hungarian weapons designer, using APO resources.

In the briefing room, Jack allows Sloane to speak. He recommends that they find Vak, who is working on a software program that can intercept and redirect missiles. Sloane suggests that Vak can be used to bait Dean because they've worked together in the past. Jack shows them a photo of an Algerian arms dealer who may be a lead. Sydney suggests that Renee Rienne can help with penetrating the Algerian underworld.

Renee uncovers intel in a Marseilles warehouse and gives it to Sydney, who offers it to the team. She says that Vak met with a Chinese official named General Liem Song, who will host an engagement party at the Chinese Consulate in India. Dixon adds that Song keeps an encrypted copy of his contacts in a safe in his room and this should lead them to Vak.

With Marshall and Rachel waiting in a van, Sydney and Tom crash the party. Realizing that General Song is not leaving his room, Dixon creates a scene by proposing to the bride-to-be. With the guards busy, Sydney slips into Song's room, drugs him and attempts to bypass the safe. When Marshall says that there is too much shield in the building, Rachel evades a guard and helps Sydney by planting a relay antenna near the garden to boost the signal.

Sloane meets with Dean, who is furious that APO acquired significant intel from the consulate. He demands that the decrypted data be given to him later that day.

At APO, Dixon tells Sydney that Vak has been located on an oil platform in the South China Sea, and adds that Jack has tapped Rachel for the mission. Dixon adds that Vak is allowed shore leave with a "female companion" every other weekend. A nervous Rachel listens to their advice and prepares for her first mission alone.

Sloane meets with Dean and gives him details on the next mission. Dean then meets with Peyton and assigns her to get the software herself, advising her to kill Rachel if they cross paths.

Rachel arrives at the oil facility. A few minutes after entering Vak's room, she drops her lipstick - which contains a tranquilizer. With Sydney's guidance, Rachel improvises and seduces Vak. After tying him to the bed, she downloads the program from Vak's computer.

Peyton arrives at the facility and upon realizing that the original software had been destroyed, she runs after Rachel, who makes her way to the heli-deck for extraction. She finds Rachel, who confronts her betrayer for the first time. Peyton urges her to hand the data over at gun point, Rachel rummages through her bag and finds one of Marshall's devices, a hair brush equipped with an ice pick. She jams it into Peyton's shoulder but comes under fire from Chinese guards. Dixon extracts Rachel as Peyton jumps to the sea.

In a subsequent meeting, Sloane refuses to give Vak's software to Dean because he had tried to kill an APO agent. Dean dangles Nadia's safety to bring Sloane in line.

At home, Sydney sits in a rocking chair that she bought from a toy store, where, for a brief moment, she wistfully watched a father take care of his child. She then plays an old mission tape that Marshall had given her. With the sound of Vaughn's voice playing, she holds the tape close to her belly.



Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]


  • Purva Bedi as Fiancée
  • Boyuen as General
  • Trevor Duke as Eric
  • Jordan Claire Green as Nicole
  • Sathya Jesudasson as Fiancée's Mother
  • Kaye Kittrell as Mom
  • Emil Lin as Embassy Guard #1
  • Vanna Salviati as Armenian Woman
  • Ian Patrick Williams as Dad



  • Mia Maestro (Nadia) appears briefly in this episode at the end, when Sloane goes to visit her in the hospital. She is credited as a Special Guest Star
  • At The end is Michael Vartan's voice.
  • Rachel Gibson's call sign is Oracle for this episode.

Aliases Used[]


  • Ice pick hidden in comb
  • Lipstick that puts anyone it contacts to sleep for a couple of hours


  • "The Water is wide" by Karla Bonoff
  • "I Like the way" by Bodyrockers

Allusions and References[]

  • When Marshall says to Rachel he has been in the field, 'Do you know what a spork is?' he is referring to the episode in which he dug a man's eyeball out with a spork for the eye scan.


  • Gordon Dean: Is there a problem?
  • Peyton: It’s just that it would be strange if Rachel and I crossed paths, she thought I was her best friend.
  • Gordon Dean: If we could have convinced her to play on our part, we would have, but things didn’t go that way.
  • Peyton: So if I run into her?
  • Gordon Dean: Show her the professional courtesy of putting a bullet in her head.

  • Sloane: Look there’s something I need to confess to you, I hope you don’t judge me too harshly for it… Every day I go to visit Nadia… I get off on the floor, I talk to the doctors and yet… I cannot set foot in her room… can’t bear to see her all hooked up to those machines… knowing that it’s my fault.

  • Rachel: Your father's kinda scary.
  • Sydney: Tell me about it.