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Vaughn finds an unconscious Sydney and administers CPR. In a flashback, Sydney recalls the time when Jack tells her that her mother has died and asks her to be strong. Syd regains consciousness.

Peyton tells Sloane that she was able to make a deal for the Rambaldi Sphere with their ally in Hong Kong. When Sark asks if they really want global genocide, Sloane orders two stolen nuclear missiles to be shipped to Hong Kong.

In a Sienna hotel, Sydney remembers playing with an odd set of blocks as a child -- unwittingly excelling at a Project Christmas aptitude test. An amazed Jack tells her she is a special girl.

Later, Syd assumes Sloane's involvement when she hears about the stolen missiles. She concludes that Sloane bought the missiles using the assets of the murdered Prophet Five members. Marshal then hacks into the Russian bank network. Using phone records and satellite telemetry, they locate Peyton.

Vaughn, Dixon and Sydney interrogate Peyton, who reveals that Sloane is targeting two cities with high civilian concentrations. Jack remarks that Sloane is not interested in devastation - he wants to profit from the reconstruction. Sydney also finds out that Sloane is in Mongolia.

While Rachel and Marshall try to hack into optical satellites to locate the missiles, they realize that Sloane has uploaded information from a contact in Hong Kong.

Sloane and Sark enter a Mongolian cave. Leaving Sark behind, Sloane descends to Rambaldi's burial chamber. He places the Sphere atop Rambaldi's tomb. Above it appears the red hovering ball.

Vaughn, Syd and Jack infiltrate the camp above Rambaldi's tomb. Syd sneaks into the underground chamber and holds Sloane at gunpoint while Vaughn and Jack fend off Sark and his men. Syd grabs the Sphere and the liquid from the hovering ball splatters. As she's about to destroy the Sphere, Sark arrives holding Vaughn and Jack at hostage. It's a standoff.

Sloane moves first, shooting Jack. Syd drops the sphere to go over to Jack while Vaughn dispatches their captors. Syd shoots Sloane. He tumbles into the red liquid on the tomb, dead. Sark makes off with the Sphere.

Syd flashes back to the moment she told Jack that she started working for Credit Dauphine. Displeased, Jack tells her to quit immediately. Confused, Sydney argues that she'll do what she wants.

Up top, Syd and Vaughn revive Jack, who's badly wounded. Vaughn tells Dixon that Sloane has died and that Sark must be headed to Hong Kong. The contact, Vaughn says, is Irina Derevko.

When Marshall reports that he can't stop the missiles, Jack tells Syd that only she can stop her mother. He adds that he never wanted this life for Sydney, but she was too strong to let anyone stop her. Syd tells her father that she loves him and reluctantly leaves.

In Hong Kong, Sark tells Irina that the missiles are ready. She tells him to target London and Washington D.C. Sydney arrives. Irina tells her that power is the only currency - and through Rambaldi, she can have it forever. Syd and Irina fight a ferocious battle. Meanwhile, Vaughn shoots Sark, who agrees to stop the launch in return for his freedom.

In Mongolia, Sloane rises, his mortal wounds healed. Jack, strapped with explosives, confronts him and swears Sloane will never hurt Sydney again. Sloane scoffs at him, saying he's now immortal. Jack knows Sloane can't die, but he can make sure Sloane never makes it out of the cave. He triggers the explosives.

After a pitched battle, Sydney kicks Irina onto a glass skylight just out of reach of the Sphere. Although Syd urges her mother to crawl back, Irina stretches for the Sphere. Tiny cracks spread through the glass. Irina falls through to her death.

In the cave, Sloane is buried in the rubble. Nadia's ghost appears to tell him this is where he'll spend the rest of eternity. When he says at least she'll be with him, she fades away. He screams, alone in the darkness.

Years later, a 7-yr old Isabelle plays in front of her beach home as Vaughn and Syd greet Dixon. He asks Syd to help capture Sark. Vaughn suggests they all go for a walk. Meanwhile, Isabelle finds the Project Christmas building blocks and effortlessly connects them. Syd calls her and she runs out to walk with them on the beach.


  • Although credited, Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace) does not appear in this episode
  • Music from this episode includes: "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum
  • In the last ever episode Jack and Irina both die. Jack in an explosion and Irina at the hands of her daughter. Good bye Spy-Parents.

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Jennifer Garner (Sydney Anne Bristow), Ron Rifkin (Arvin Sloane), Carl Lumbly (Marcus R. Dixon), Kevin Weisman (Marshall J. Flinkman), Rachel Nichols (Rachel Gibson), Amy Acker (Kelly Peyton), Balthazar Getty (Thomas Grace), Victor Garber (Jonathan 'Jack' Donahue Bristow)

Michael Vartan (Michael C. Vaughn), David Anders (Sark), Rachel Fox (young Sydney), Nicole Sessions (Teacher), Navid Negahban (Foreman), Julia Di Angelo (Isabella), Xander Berkeley (George Mason), Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer), Merrin Dungey (Francine 'Francie' Calfo), Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Reiko Aleysworth (Michelle Dessler), Lena Olin (Irina Derevko), Elisha Cuthbert (Kim Bauer), Mary Lynn-Rajskub (Chloe O'Brian)



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