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The number 47 is a significant one to Milo Rambaldi and many of his works and artifacts. It has also been prominent throughout Alias, appearing in documents, files, and other places for keen-eyed fans.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

  • Marshall Flinkman states that he wants to make his lipstick camera able to take 47 pictures instead of 42, his reason being that it was a prime number (Truth Be Told).
  • The tombstone where a nuclear bomb was hidden had the birth and death dates 1927-1974 of Milovich Ivanov, making him 47 at the time of his death (So It Begins).
  • At the Kenyan island resort, Sydney asks Severin Driscoll if he is "the man from Suite 47."
  • When Sydney is trapped in the Bucharest mental institution, the motion sensor's activation code is 2472. Later, when talking about FTL, Jack Bristow mentions the T-47s that were moved (Reckoning).
  • The passcode to the computer room at OT Tech is "4747" (The Coup).

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

  • In episodes 3.9 Conscious and 3.10 Remnants a room was room 47. Also in 3.10 the room Sydney and Will rent is room 23. That is 47/2 and rounded down.
  • The code hack is 746f70686174.
  • Russia's defenses were activated at 4.47.
  • When Jack is installing the bug to foil Marshall's program you can see percentage 28.247.
  • Sydney and Lauren's number for the CIA is 47911.
  • A plane number NC9746C.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • Miles Devereaux was staying in Hotel Bascarsija on Avdage Stepe 47 (The Index).
  • Sergei Danislov and Elena Vasya where responsible for the Grozny Bombing in 98' that killed 47 people (Welcome to Liberty Village).
  • Leo Orissa was born in 1947.
  • One of Sloane's calls come from the address Avdage Stepe 47.
  • Sloane's Vehicle ID shown in the tracker 30947 28436.
  • Sydney uses patch 47 to hack into hotel Security.
  • Rambaldi lot in the auction is lot 47.
  • The Number 547-43 appears on the PDA.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

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  • The shipping container holding Substance 33 is number 1147.
  • The Code for the vault 97326347.
  • When Sydney markers her SOS she uses the frequency 447.550.000.
  • In the Witsec, Thomas Grace accesses secure file *0174247.
  • Will was held in room 147 of the club.
  • Zurich 47 North.
  • The reference for Vaughn's signal location is 01174217.
  • The pay off code is 8447.
  • The shut code for the missiles ends in 4t647.
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