Production code
February 16 2005
Written by
Alison Schapker and Monica Breen
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by

Detente is the 7th episode of Season 4 and the 73rd episode overall of the show Alias. While Sydney and Nadia argue about Nadia's acceptance of Sloane's fatherly concerns, Sloane worries about Nadia's well-being when she and Sydney go undercover as wealthy, irresponsible young heiresses to uncover the whereabouts of a deadly chemical.

Plot Overview[]

In Irkutsk, Vaughn learns from a contact that Russia has produced a breakthrough explosive called Black Thorine. The contact suspects his superior stole it and sold it, and gives Vaughn the man's bank account number. Soldiers arrive and shoot the man, Vaughn escapes with Sydney's assistance.

Sydney arrives home to find Sloane visiting Nadia. Despite Nadia's objection, Sydney kicks him out, saying he can't be trusted. She only took the APO job to watch him. Nadia realizes Sydney hasn't reconciled the past.

At APO, Sloane says that money was deposited into the account by Boris Tambor, an oil magnate who moonlights as an arms dealer. He's currently in Monte Carlo. Jack says he sits at a high stakes poker table every night at 9. Their mission is to get into his suite, find out where he keeps the Black Thorine and how he plans to move it.

Sydnry confides to Dixon that she may not be able to work with Sloane. Dixon says he dreams of his dead wife Diane every night; she tells him to do the right thing. That's how he makes peace with Sloane -- he doesn't ignore the past, but he makes the right decision today.

As they shoot targets at a firing range, Sydney tells Nadia that she needed to know her mother and so understands Nadia's desire to know Sloane.

In Monte Carlo, Sydney inserts a micro camera into the suite and gets a visual on Tambor, who's watching a soccer match - not going to the gaming table. Nadia and Sydney notice perfume, a purse, magazines. They realize he's got a girlfriend. Deducing that the woman is bored, pissed off because she's being ignored and sitting in the bar, they see their opening.

Dressed up to party, Nadia and Sydney identify the girlfriend through her perfume. They befriend the woman; she takes them up to the room and past security. Sydney clones his PDA hard drive while Nadia chats up Tambor.

In LA, Sloane is angry at them for taking risks. Sydney gets indignant at what he deems "unacceptable." Everywhere she looks, she says, she's reminded of Francie and Danny. Marshall has broken the hard drive's encryption and finds out that Tambor will sell the vial on his yacht, Argento, which is sailing in Turkish waters in the Black Sea. It's stored in a safe within a safe in a cabin below deck. Marshall gives Sydney a device that will allow her to read the safe's combination through his clothes.

Jack lobbies for Sloane to allow Sydney and Nadia to work together again. They swim to the yacht and sneak on board. Sydney uses the combination reader while Tambor makes the deal. Sloane recognizes the buyer as Leo Orissa, the head of a Russian crime syndicate. Nadia opens the safe - revealing eight canisters of Black Thorine.

Orissa ambushes Tambor, whose girlfriend turns on him. Tambor is killed as Sydney and Nadia escape to the water. Sloane tells Sydney he has to trust him and advises her to go back on board. Confronting Orissa, Sydney says she works for Arvin Sloane, which sends fear into the man. Sydney catalogues Sloane's depravity. Orissa offers up the location of the lab. Meanwhile, Nadia disposes of Orissa's thugs. The lab, Orissa says, is in the Ukraine. Tambor's girlfriend shoots Orissa and fights Sydney. With an assist from Nadia, Sydney kills her.

Nadia tells Sydney she's always been alone. Now she's glad to work on a team. Sloane assumes Sydney wants a transfer. Sydney says she will never forgive him. "I'll see you tomorrow," she says.



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This episode was switched with the epsode 4 ice.

The song Freedom by David Gray was used in 2.16 Firebomb

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  • "Makin' Whoopee" by Julie London
  • "Freedom" by David Gray

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  • Sydney: Oh my God, those boots are horrific!
  • Nadia: I own those, bitch!