Welcome To Liberty Village


Production code
January 26 2005
Written by
Drew Goddard
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Kevin Hooks

Welcome To Liberty Village is the 5th episode of Season 4 and the 71st episode overall of the show Alias. Sydney and Vaughn are sent to infiltrate a training camp run by the October Contingent. Posing as a Chechen couple, they are taken to a former military base that has been designed to resemble a suburban American neighborhood. Sydney and Vaughn find themselves in a unique position of having to 'learn' how to pose as Americans. But these civics lessons have deadly consequences for the losers.

Plot Overview[]

A Russian-speaking man steals a device from an armored truck. He goes home to a suburban neighborhood and greets his loving wife in English.

At APO, Sloane says the stolen object was an EMP, an electromagnetic pulse weapon. Marshall says it can destroy any electronic equipment in a 10 mile radius and has a repeatable core. The thief, Yuri Karylko, has ties to October Contingent. In related news, German authorities have arrested a Chechen couple, the Tabakovs, who said the October Contingent had made overtures to them. Sydney and Vaughn are to pose as the Tabakovs to infiltrate the Contingent, identify their mission and retrieve the EMP. Marshall gives Sydney a wristwatch that can send their GPS coordinates and is capable of short burst transmissions. Sloane, meanwhile, tells Jack to contact Alexei Vasilevich.

In Moscow, Karylko gives Sydney and Vaughn new identities -- they are to be known as David and Karen Parker - and takes them to Liberty Village. Marshall tracks their journey to Training Sector 56B, a former Russian military base that now resembles a suburban American neighborhood. Sydney and Vaughn arrive at the neighborhood. They are taken to their new home and introduced to the neighborhood.

Karylko, going under the name Tom, says Sydney and Vaughn will be tested to see if they can portray Americans convincingly. Marshals picks up Sydney's transmission and identifies the "neighbors" as assorted terrorists. Sloane wonders why the Contingent is dealing with terrorists and why they're in a government training ground.

Ironically, Tom tells Sydney and Vaughn that they seem a little cold. He gives them a gun. While Sydney goes jogging, Vaughn practices assembling the gun. Sydney runs into Tom, who tells her that the neighborhood is heavily guarded.

Jack meets Alexi and asks if the Russians still run the old base. Alexi bargains with Jack, expecting something in return for extracting Syd.

Tom gives Sydney and Vaughn wedding rings so they look more like a couple. He takes them to a car dealership, their mission is to buy a convertible. The dealer sees the ring, asks how he popped the question. Vaughn says they went to Santa Barbara, where he planned to ask Syd over a romantic dinner in their ocean-view hotel room. Instead, he popped the question at the zoo in front of the crooked-necked giraffe after seeing how happy it made her. Sydney is visibly moved (as that was the trip Vaughn had planned for them before Sydney was abducted/went missing). The dealer says another couple is also interested in the car. The winning couple gets to move on in the program, he says. The losing couple dies. He gives them a gun to assemble, both couples race to assemble it.

Jack opens a book from Irina's collection of 1st editions. The NSA had cracked the orders the KGB encoded in the books. He tells Marshall that the NSA missed something and puts him to work on it.

The couples shoot it out in the car dealership. In the melee, Vaughn loses the gun. Sydney picks it up and kills the woman. She then jumps in the car and runs down the man. Later, Sydney notices that the watch is broken. She and Vaughn kiss in the shower.

Marshall finds the code in the ink of a period within an ellipsis. After magnifying it, he sees that it contains a protocol related to one of Irinas operatives, codename Sentinel. Jack says Sentinel is a dead end, a deceased agent. Jack gives the book to Alexi, who says he hasn't heard from Irina a long time. He also says he has an aircraft waiting to extract Sydney and Vaughn.

Tom prepares to send Sydney and Vaughn Chicago, where they are to gain access to the servers of Pierce Financial. Tom's plan is for a "redistribution of wealth" after an attack on the U.S.

Marshall receives word that the Germans have moved the Tabakovs to a maximum security prison - and assumes the Russians have been informed also.

Tom shows Sydney how to use the EMP. He then receives a call from his wife. Knowing her cover is blown, Sydney knocks him over the head with a vase and they fight. In another room, Vaughn battles another thug. Sydney and Vaughn escape outside where a helicopter has them pinned. Sydney triggers the EMP and the chopper falls from the sky.

Afterward, Sloane thanks Sydney and Vaughn. He says Russian authorities deny an American training ground ever existed in their borders but off the record they've expressed gratitude for APO's assistance in taking down the October Contingent. Privately, Jack says his suspicions regarding Sentinel are accurate, and the Russians are searching for Elena Derevko. Sloane says they'll have to move up their timetable. Sydney and Vaughn canoodle on the plane home.



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  • The basic concept of the episode -- a training facility for enemy agents simulating an American town -- is identical to that of an episode of the 1960s spy series Danger Man, "Colony 3", except in that case it was a British town that was simulated. ("Colony 3", in turn, was one of the inspirations for the later series, The Prisoner.)
  • This was originally ment to be the nineth episode of season 4.

Aliases Used[]

Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn: Chechen couple, the Tabakovs.

Sydney Bristow: Karen Parker

Michael Vaughn: David Parker


  • Wristwatch: Under normal uses, won't alarm any countersurveillance scans, but once activated, will transmit GPS coordinates to triangulate the users position. It is also capable of short burst transmissions and can send images.


  • "Uncle Wally" by Umphrey's McGee

Allusions and References[]


  • Phil: How'd he pop the question?
  • Sydney: He...took me to...
  • Vaughn: Santa Barbara, actually. I had this whole romantic weekend planned. Presidential Suite at the Biltmore, candlelit dinner on the cliffs overlooking the ocean... So we went into town, and she wouldn't stop talking about the zoo. So, we went to the zoo. Figured I'd get it overwith. And then I saw how happy it made her. It made me forget about all my stupid plans. And here we had this personal chef making this unbelievable meal at the hotel, and...I proposed on one knee in sawdust in front of a giraffe with a crooked neck.

  • Sydney: Maybe we should move out of the suburbs.