Production code
January 19 2005
Written by
Jeffrey Bell
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jeffrey Bell

Ice is the 4th episode of Season 4 and the 70th episode overall of the show Alias.Sydney and Vaughn are sent on a mission by APO to obtain a sample of a new bio-weapon, known as Ice 5, which can literally freeze a person to death. When the agents learn the substance is going to be sold to a buyer in Damascus, together Sydney and Vaughn have to turn each of the family members against each other while remaining undercover. But when they are found out, there are devastating consequences. Meanwhile Nadia asks Jack for the truth about her mother, and Sydney begins to wonder if Vaughn has really come to terms with Lauren's death. This is true.

Plot Overview[]

With Vaughn and Dixon covering, Sydney tries to buy a bio-weapon called Ice 5 from an American at a foreign bazaar. When thugs disrupt the deal, Sydney bolts with the man. As they're running, his leg snaps off. He's then shot - and literally explodes.

Marshall later determines that the biological agent, which the man had swallowed, actually "freeze-dried" him, crystallized him from the inside. He worked as a relief worker in Montenegro hospital run by Fenton Keene, who secretly developed Ice 5. Sloane wants the team to obtain a viable sample of Ice 5.

At Sydney's home, Nadia finds a photo of Irina holding a baby. Nadia asks Sloane who the baby in the picture is. He dodges the question.

Sydney visits the hospital as a representative of Omnifam and does the grunt work, while Weiss and Nadia put together a list of potential buyers. A patient comes in showing symptoms of Ice 5 infection but the nurse, Kyra MacLane, says he was in a car accident and won't let Sydney help treat him.

Vaughn, disguised as a priest with a black eye, flirts with MacLane and convinces her to make confession. Fenton appears, tells Vaughn that he's her brother and asks to see the man in the car accident. Meanwhile, Sydney swipes MacLane's card key and passes it to Dixon, who makes a copy and gives it to Sydney.

Sydney searches the lab and finds 14 tanks of Ice 5. To her horror, she spies Fenton testing it on human subjects. Weiss reports that they found a buyer in Damascus. They find MacLane is really Fenton's sister, and that they're both former IRA. Vaughn feels she can be turned and approaches her during confession.

When they meet, MacLane says her brother has done awful things. With Sydney listening in, Vaughn tells MacLane that he's haunted by thoughts of his former wife, whom he killed after she betrayed him. MacLane realizes Vaughn is government. He tells her that he can protect her from her brother should she turn on him.

MacLane takes Vaughn to the lab, where Fenton clobbers him. He forces MacLane to inject Ice 5 into Vaughn's eye. Sydney enters and rescues Vaughn. During the fight, Fenton stabs his sister by accident. She dies in Vaughn's arms, but forgives him before passing.

Jack asks Nadia for the photograph. He said Irina told her she was holding her niece. The next day, he recalls, he proposed. He says he chooses to believe it's true, but says that everyone needs to find our own sense of closure.

On the return flight, Sydney, sensing a disconnect, tells Vaughn he can talk to her whenever he wants.



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  • This was originally slated to be the fifth episode of the season.
  • Greg Grunberg's Agent Weiss becomes a member of the APO unit in this episode.
  • When the agent's prey in Morocco explodes in front of them in the opening teaser, the actors are showered with cereal.
  • Kelly Macdonald's role in this episode largely came about because a lot of the show's writers had enjoyed seeing her in the BBC mini-series State of Play.
  • This episode features a nod to the Dennis Potter series The Singing Detective when Sydney - playing a nurse - is asked to lube up a patient with a gross skin condition.
  • The hospital location was the same one used in The Ring Two.
  • Michael Vartan liked this episode.
  • This episode has an audio commentary.
  • The shot of the bar where Vaughn talks to Kyra is reused from 2.12 The Getaway, when Vaughn and Sydney had a dinner in Nice.

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  • "Whoa Now" by Louque
  • "Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star

Allusions and References[]

  • The idea of Ice 5 comes from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s novel "Cat's Cradle", in which a substance called Ice-nine is presented. Ice-nine is solid water with a crystalline structure that has a melting point of 114.4°F, significantly higher than human body temperature.


  • Weiss: Killed? He exploded like a frozen pinata!