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A Clean Conscience


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April 27 2005
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A Clean Conscience is the seventeenth episode of Season 4 of Alias and the 83rd episode overall. Nadia's former caretaker, Sophia, has been severely beaten. She contacts Nadia and asks to meet her. Sloane is told by Sophia that she was beaten up, because someone is trying to track Nadia down, so he and Jack decide to tell their daughters the truth – Elena Derevko, the third and the cruelest of the Derevko sisters, has been surveilling both Sydney and Nadia for a decade. Meanwhile, Jack's doctor advises him to tell Sydney about his illness.

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  • Sonia Braga was billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.
  • Behind the guard at the embassy, there is a sign that says "Kun for toriseret personale", supposedly meaning "Authorized personnel only" in Danish, but it is actually quite meaningless. The correct Danish would be "Kun for autoriseret personale".
  • Next to the hotel Russeau there's a shop. The sign reads "Droog schoonmaakster", which means "dry cleaner". However a dry cleaner translated in Dutch is "stomerij". Literal translation of "droog schoonmaakster" is dry housekeeper.
  • If Kradic is so paranoid that he doesn't even trust Raimes to go to the restroom for more then a minute by himself, it is strange that he leaves Dixon and Raimes in the back of the van to chat privately for so long.

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  • "Unkle Theme" by U.N.K.L.E.
  • "End Of The Night" by The Doors

Allusions and References

  • "Oceanic Airlines non-stop flight to Sydney is now ready for boarding."
This announcement was heard at the airport while Sydney and Nadia were waiting for Sophia. The plane that crashed in the pilot episode of Lost was Oceanic Airlines 815, flying non-stop from Sydney to Los Angeles. The reference is an in-joke since J.J. Abrams is creator and executive producer of both Lost and Alias.
  • Marshall: One gram of hydrosec, Lake Michigan turns into sludge. It’s incredible, really, y’know? Dr. Evil sort of way... (takes his pinky and puts to his mouth)
In reference to the Austin Powers movies. More specifically, Austin Powers' archnemesis: Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil is a parody of various James Bond (007) villains, particularly Ernst Stavro Blofeld of SPECTRE , Dr. Evil routinely hatches schemes to terrorize and take over the world. He often places his little finger near his mouth which intended as a humorous "signature move" for Evil.


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