Another Mister Sloane


Production code
April 20 2005
Written by
Luke McMullen
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Greg Yaitanes

Another Mister Sloane is the sixteenth episode of Season 4 of Alias and the 82nd episode overall. Upon finding out that the man he works for isn't the real Arvin Sloane, Roberts reluctantly agrees to go undercover to take out Sloane 2's empire. Meanwhile, the Sloane imposter kidnaps a professor named Maggie Sinclair and forces her to modify a Mueller device.

Plot Overview[]

In Krakow, Poland, a professor named Maggie Sinclair is inspected by the airport security. They scan a toy the doctor had purchased for her daughter and escort her out of the building. As she walks down a tunnel with the guards, one of them grabs her from behind and renders unconscious with an anesthetic. She is later kidnapped.

Back in Los Angeles, Vaughn and Sydney meet up with Jack in the middle of the night and tell Jack that Sloane hasn't changed and is still the bad guy. At first, Jack doesn't believe them, but after thorough evidence provided by Vaughn and Sydney, he changes his mind. He decides to take matters into his own hands.

Maggie wakes up in a dark warehouse, demanding that someone tell her what she wants. This where Sloane 2 makes his appearance.

Jack meets up with Arvin in an unknown bathroom and puts a gun to his head, upset and deeply angered that Sloane forced Jack to kill his wife. Sloane repeatedly tells him that none of his suspected motivations hold up under scrutiny, and insists that someone is setting him up.

Sloane 2 shows Sinclair pages from Rambaldi's books and tells her that he wants Sinclair to build another Mueller Device. Sinclair, thinking the device isn't capable of being built, denies his request. Her objections are momentarily stifled when she sees the prototype of the machine brought out by Carter, fully functional.

Upon telling Sydney and Vaughn that Sloane is innocent, Sydney has Roberts brought out of custody to identify his employer. Roberts looks at Sloane and says that he is indeed looking at Sloane, but a different type of Sloane - they don't look alike, but both give him the creeps. Sloane returns to his office, exonerated; however, Vaughn is not yet convinced of his innocence.

Maggie tells Sloane 2 that without a transformer coil, the machine won't work. Sloane 2 trys to persuade Maggie to find another way, but she still says nothing can be done - even she has her limits. Sloane 2 tells Carter to "motivate her". Carter prepares to do just that.

Back at APO, Nadia and Sloane have a small talk about Sloane's previous pursuit of the Rambaldi devices. Sloane tells her that that part of his life is in the past now and he no longer wants anything to do with Rambaldi.

Meanwhile, Maggie tells Carter that it may not be possible even with the component. She begs him to leave her alone but he begins his methodical torture.

In the situation room, Sloane puts a plan into action and plans to use Roberts to give Sloane 2 the coil and track him with it. Even though Marshall suggests he shouldn't be on the case, Sloane decides to participate.

Later, Roberts is approached by Sydney and Vaughn, and repeatedly declines their request for help because he knows that Sloane 2 will kill him if they finds out he betrayed them, or finds a tracker. He tells them he knows of Sloane 2's right hand man, Carter, and calls him. Carter stops torturing Maggie to receive the call. Roberts tells Carter that he has the coil and the two agree to meet each other the next day. Carter tells Maggie that this may be her lucky day.

The next day, Eric, Sydney, Vaughn, Marcus, and Nadia all infiltrate the hotel disguised as either guests or staff members. Roberts sits down at the bar and is greeted by a man, but it isn't Carter. The man tells Roberts that the plan has changed and the meeting is now taking place in the penthouse. Still, Roberts follows him into an elevator and the two men proceeded to the top floor, with Sydney in one of the adjacent elevators. While riding the elevator, Sydney makes eye contact with Sloane 2, riding the opposite direction in another elevator. Sloane realizes, and informs the team, that the cable is going to be cut, and it is moments later. The elevator plunges to the ground floor, Roberts and the other man are killed, and the coil is stolen by Carter.

Realizing that the only way to take down Sloane 2 was to get the real Arvin Sloane back on Rambaldi, Arvin retreats to a secure section of APO and resumes examining Rambaldi artifacts. After studying the artifacts, Arvin finds out what Sloane 2 is planning.

Arvin announces that Sloane 2 plans on building a massive energy source like a battery and needs help from a scientist, which turns out to be Sinclair. Sloane finds out that Sloane 2 had ordered a large quantity of zanthium and Sloane plans on picking up the compound himself. Nadia askes Sloane not to continue with the mission because she thinks he is slowly going back to his obession with Rambaldi. But after much consideration, he convinces her that nothing is wrong and tells her she needs to trust him.

In Sicily, Arvin confirms that the zanthium was ordered by Sloane 2 and he intercepts the shipment.

Back at APO, Marcus slowly begins to question Sloane and his loyalties to Jack, but convinces Marcus to trust Sloane and that he's calling the shots.

In Chile, Sloane and his team arrive at Sloane 2's facility and neutralize that main guards, posing as the people who were delivering the zanthium. Vaughn, Weiss, and Nadia go rescue Sinclair while Sydney and Sloane go into the lab. After getting discovered by Sloane 2's guards, Sloane 2 instructs Carter to go back into the lab and his group flees with Sinclair. They continue to chase after Sloane 2.

Sydney and Sloane enter the lab and find a massive Mueller Device. He tells Sydney to go rescue Sinclair while he stays behind to deactivate the device. Carter then arrives to see Sloane from behind, mistaking him for Sloane 2, prompting him to lower his gun. Sloane then turns to Carter and trains his own gun on him.

After shooting a guard and fighting off another, Sydney rescues Sinclair and is reunited with the team. Meanwhile, Sloane asks Carter as to the identity of the man posing as himself, but Carter simply tells him it's Arvin Sloane, prompting Sloane to shoot Carter in the leg. Sloane gets upset when Carter merely thinks that Rambaldi's devices will make him immortal, so he whacks him in the head with a metal bar, shouting at him and calling him a fool. He then tells him the true secrets will be held back by him because he's "unworthy" and proceeds to beat him to death with the metal bar.

Nadia enters the lab and finds Sloane standing next to Carter's corpse, who tells her that "It's all over." with blood all over his face. Nadia stares at Sloane with fear in her eyes.



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  • Los Angeles Downtown Marriott Hotel - 333 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites - 404 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  • Sydney "We give Roberts the coil, put him into play. He makes an exchange; we track the coil back to Arvin Clone.
  • Arvin "..."
  • Sydney "Sorry, that's what we've been calling him."

  • Carter "You told told me that I could live forever--!"
  • Arvin "NOOO!! Is that what you think this is all about: Immortality? You bought the rumor you simply minded dilettante!! The mystery...the true secrets of these creations will always be held back from you...the unworthy!"