The Road Home


Production code
March 16 2005
Written by
Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Maryann Brandon

The Road Home is the 11th episode of Season 4 and the 77th episode overall. Sydney must protect the life of a civilian, whom she unintentionally put in danger. Meanwhile, Jack plans a visit with an old friend, and Vaughn uncovers more disturbing secrets about his father.

Plot Overview[]

Disguised as a French woman, Sydney acquires a microchip from a contact named Thomas Connelly in a Paris restaurant. Before the deal goes down, an assassin shoots Thomas. Vaughn, watching from the shadows, prevents him from killing Sydney. As Vaughn and Sydney corner him, he slits his own throat with a knife.

In the APO office, Sloane tells Jack and Sydney that the information downloaded from the microchip reveals that a Biometric Targeting Device is being developed at a secure facility in Austria. If attached to a weapons system, this device could facilitate the targeting of an individual based only on a DNA sample or a biometric scan. It is the next generation's sniper.

Sloane tells Sydney that the assassin worked for Sasha Korjev, a vicious arms dealer involved in developing the new targeting weapon. Sydney's mission is to retrieve the Biometric device in Salzburg, Austria. Sloane gives Dixon the task of locating Korjev but Jack volunteers to do it himself.

Weiss suggests that Vaughn is mistaken in believing that his father, Bill Vaughn, is still alive. Vaughn swears it was his father's handwriting in the diary. Weiss hands Vaughn a paper with the name Frank Murdoch, an ex-Special Forces man in San Diego whose shop is mentioned in Bill's journal.

Jack later admits to Sloane that the CIA wants Korjev assassinated and he can get closer to him than Dixon can. Jack adds Korjev should've been eliminated years ago, when he "had the chance."

In an Austrian club, Sydney befriends Sam, an American busboy, and uses his I.D. to get into the basement. She finds a status report revealing that the Biometric device has been moved and is scheduled to leave the country in the morning. The report also states that the device had been installed on a weapon.

A guard shoots at Sydney. She decks him and overhears on his walkie-talkie that the weapon is stored at the Delongpre shipping yard - and that the guards are now after Sam. After Marshall confirms that Sam is a civilian, Sydney escapes with him. She leaves him with her Austrian contact so he can be put in a protection program.

In San Diego, Vaughn visits Frank, who shows a photo taken with Bill in 1982. He says that Bill was ruthless enough to shoot him in the back, then smoke a cigarette over his bloody body before walking away. Vaughn later lies to Weiss, saying he never found Frank.

Sydney's contact in Salzburg arrives with a stranger to pick up Sam, and she senses something's not quite right. Realizing his betrayal, she pounds them senseless and reluctantly explains her mission to Sam. She asks for his help to get to the shipping yard.

In Angola, Jack meets Korjev, who wistfully remembers Jack as a mentor. Later, Korjev speaks of Jack's betrayal. Jack says he was the one betrayed and garrots him.

At the shipping yard, Sydney discovers that the weapon has been attached to an assault chopper. She tells Sam to wait in the van. Sydney defeats the guards in combat and attempts to retrieve the weaponized mini-copter -- but the system activates and locks on to her. As it fires, she runs through a maze of narrow aisles and crates.

While Sam waits, he's wounded by a Korjev henchman. Sydney tackles the gunman but the chopper locks on to her again. Sydney quickly uses the gunman as a human shield. The chopper, hovering closer, senses the corpse and, believing its mission is accomplished, settles on the landing pad.

Sydney arrives in the APO office in time to see Jack preparing to leave. As Jack mentions that he is planning to have dinner before heading home, Sydney asks if she could join him and they leave together.



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  • "Club Foot" by Kasabian
  • "Au Neant" by Eiffel
  • "Know Your Enemy" by Hybrid

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