Blood Ties


Production code
April 25, 2004
Written by
J.R. Orci
Story by
Alison Schapker Monica Breen
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jack Bender

Blood Ties is the 20th episode of Season 3 of Alias, and the 64th episode overall. After discovering the identity of the Rambaldi "Passenger," Sydney and Jack seek the aid of Sloane, to track the "Passenger" down. Meanwhile, after learning a secret about his father from Thomas Brill, Vaughn is kidnapped and tortured by Sark, who are about to track "The Passenger" down themselves.

Plot Overview[]

Jack tells Syd that he saved Sloane because he had learned that DOJ Director Marlon Bell was part of The Trust and wanted Sloane dead. Syd tells Sloane that she didn't grieve for him.

Sloane reveals that he found a Rambaldi text that contained a formula for an elixir that would allow The Passenger to channel a message from Rambaldi. Sloane had sampled the elixir, which had no effect. Sloane explains that if The Covenant finds her, it will expose her to a massive dose of the elixir, thus killing her. He swears he just wants to protect his child. When Sydney asks how to find her, he smashes The Hourglass, revealing a glowing green ball.

Dixon has Weiss tail Lauren and advises Vaughn to continue as her devoted husband in order to garner info. Lauren, however, soon loses Weiss. Ex agent Thomas Brill contacts Vaughn. He says Vaughn's father was a Rambaldi follower who freed The Passenger, then a little girl, from KGB custody and hid her. He died protecting her.

On a plane to Washington, D.C., Sydney holds the green ball, a battery for a Rambaldi artifact that can locate The Passenger. The Trust has a cold storage vault in the Smithsonian secured by a five-key retinal system corresponding to the five member of The Trust -- all government officials. In D.C., Sloane makes himself known to Bell, who calls a meeting with The Trust that Sloane crashes.

Sark kidnaps and tortures Vaughn, trying to get The Passenger's location. Lauren appears and, apparently disturbed by Vaughn's condition, helps him escape.

While Sloane gathers the retinal ID's from the Trust via a hidden scanner, Sydney enters Smithsonian posing as a dinosaur expert researching a paper. She charms the curator into letting her gain access to a restricted area, where she finds the vault. Jack sends the scans to Sydney, who uses them to open the vault. She grabs the artifact.

Later, Sloane drops the green ball into the artifact, which etches a brain wave pattern on parchment. They use a DOD satellite network capable of remote encephalography to locate The Passenger. She's in a labor camp in Chechnya, under the alias of Talia Kozlov. Sydney infiltrates the Chechen camp and finds her sister in a catatonic state and strapped to a bed.

Vaughn flags a trucker and uses his cell phone to call Dixon. Vaughn is rightfully suspicious. The truck crashes after the trucker attacks him. Sark and Lauren grab Vaughn again but Marshall witnesses it on a surveillance tape. They begin to administer the dreaded Inferno Protocol serum on Vaughn when Sark receives a mysterious phone call revealing the location. Lauren increases the dosage in order to kill Vaughn and they leave. Weiss, using Marhsall's info, finds Vaughn barely alive.

The woman wakes and she and Sydney battle their way out. She tells Sydney that her name is Nadia and she's with SIDE, Argentine Intelligence. Sydney reveals that they're sisters. They meet up with Jack and Sloane and retreat to a safe house. Nadia recognizes Sloane, who tells her that he changed because he didn't want to meet his daughter and have her despise him.

Sark and Lauren break into the safe house. During the gun battle, Sloane and Nadia disappear. Jack and Sydney realized that Sloane tipped The Covenant to give himself the opportunity to escape with Nadia. They can't relocate her by her brainwaves.

Dixon tells Sydney that Vaughn shows evidence of psychological conditioning, thanks to Lauren. Sydney visits Vaughn in the hospital. He says she must let The Passenger go and reveals the reason that Irina killed his father. He relays a prophecy: The Passenger and The Chosen One will battle and neither will survive. Sydney is unmoved.

Sloane injects Nadia, strapped to a table, with the elixir. She convulses.



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  • First appearance of Mía Maestro as Nadia Santos, Sydney's sister. Maestro would become a series regular in the following season.
  • Richard Roundtree was billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.

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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - 900 Exposition Boulevard, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

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