Production code
April 11 2004
Written by
Monica Breen Alison Schapker
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jack Bender

Unveiled is the 18th episode of Season 3 of Alias, and the 62nd episode overall. Sydney and Jack warn a disbelieving Vaughn about their suspicions of Lauren being the Covenant mole inside the CIA. Meanwhile, Bomani and Sark take possession of the Rambaldi machine, Sydney and Vaughn must stop a Covenant virus that's crippling medical facilities around the world, Sloane's secret is revealed to Jack.

Plot Overview[]

Dixon asks Sloane how Il Dire (The Telling) will help The Covenant obtain The Passenger. Sloane asks to speak to Jack, even though Dixon's made it clear that Sloane's execution won't be stayed.

Dixon explains to the team that a computer worm, originating in Berlin, has targeted hospitals, laboratories and universities. They believe it's a Covenant attack, a precursor to the Rambaldi bio-weapon. Sydney and Vaughn travel to a Berlin Goth club to find the culprit, a hacker known as Cypher, and learn how to stop the worm.

In Florence, Sark and Bomani use the keys to open the Rambaldi box, revealing the beating di Regno heart. The box is an elaborate writing machine that scratches a message onto a scroll of parchment. Later Bomani compares the codes gathered by the worm to the parchment. Sark learns from Lauren that the CIA has discovered Cypher. Bomani expresses doubts about Lauren's work.

Lauren tells Vaughn that, while he's in Berlin, she'll go to England to meet her mother and scatter her father's ashes in Dover. In Berlin, Sydney locates Cypher with a PDA-sniffing pair of sunglasses given to her by Marshall. Before he talks, however, he's shot. Sydney thinks she sees Lauren in the distance. Cypher's last act is to give Vaughn a small drive containing the files with the worm's source code.

Lauren tells Sark that she has to corrupt the files before the CIA makes a copy -- before Bomani knows that she failed. Sloane tells Jack that two years ago Senator Reed recruited him to work for The Trust, an organization within the U.S. government interested in Rambaldi, in return for a pardon. He wants Jack to prove that this group exists.

At a CIA safe house in Berlin, Sydney tells Vaughn that she saw Lauren. Vaughn reacts angrily. Lauren shows up, looking to cry on Vaughn's shoulder. He notices she's wearing an antique ring. She claims its an heirloom. Sydney calls Mrs. Reed to check out Lauren's alibi. Her story holds. As Vaughn uploads Cypher's data to Marshall, Lauren touches the ring to the drive. Later, Marshall tells them that flash drive's memory was wiped. He suggests it was purposely exposed to an electromagnetic pulse. However, he's able to partially reconstruct the source code and determines that its real purpose was to gather information for The Covenant.

Bomani realizes the CIA cut their data feed. Sydney tells Jack that she seriously suspects Lauren. Jack pays Vaughn a visit, tells him that Irina would sometimes camouflage the truth in a kiss. An outraged Vaughn says Lauren is no Irina and he is not Jack.

Marshall finds the worm was searching for the genetic code for one woman. There are ten possibilities. Lauren downloads the data, then tells Vaughn she has errands to run. He follows her to a mall, watches her receive a phone call - Sark warns her off the drop; he wants to see her in person. Vaughn has Weiss run a tap on Lauren's phone and he overhears her speaking intensely. Later, Lauren tells Vaughn that she got a call from her mother (which explains the phone call to Vaughn).

Dixon says the ten women are actually aliases for one woman. Records reveal this woman was always treated by one doctor -- Robert Viadro in Milan. Sydney and Vaughn go to Milan. Lauren is already there. Viadro knocks the amethyst from Lauren's ring but she subdues him in a Panic Room and tortures him until he reveals The Passenger's location. Sydney and Vaughn arrive, fight off guards belonging to The Order of Rambaldi, and find Viadro. Vaughn also finds Lauren's amethyst. When Viadro sees Sydney, he says, "You're the one from the prophecy. You will not hurt her." He tries to kill Sydney. Vaughn shoots him.

Lauren gives Bomani a computer disc. He's about to kill her when Sark shoots him dead. Jack's contact Diego tells him the front for The Trust is Project Centrigrade. Dixon tells Jack that Barnett's notes reveal that Sloane had an affair with Irina. Jack tells Sloane that he couldn't verify existence of The Trust. Sloane says that both Jack and Sydney will be affected if The Covenant finds The Passenger.

Jack tells Sydney that he thinks The Passenger is Irina, because Il Dire's message said "peace," the etymology of which is a derivation of Irina. Vaughn asks Lauren what she did while he was gone. She just gives him a kiss. Vaughn checks her belongings while she's in the bath. Under the false bottom of a trunk, he finds a Goth wig, a passport and a gun.



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  • Vaughn discovers Lauren's status as a double agent for The Covenant
  • Djimon Hounsou was billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.

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  • "Tanz Mit Laibach" by Laibach (replaced in Netflix version with unknown instrumental)

Filming Locations[]

Max Busch House, 160 South San Rafael Street, Pasadena, California, USA

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