Production code
March 23 2004
Written by
J.R. Orci
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Lawrence Trilling

Taken is the 16th episode of Season 3 of Alias, and the 60th episode overall. When Dixon's children are kidnapped by The Covenant he faces a tough task. With no choice, he steps down as director and enlists Sydney's help in a desperate plan to safely retrieve his children from Sark. Lauren is put to the test as a double agent when she has to work with her father.

Plot Overview[]

Senator Reed, Lauren's father, arrives to oversee Sark's interrogation. He tells Jack that they must learn the identity of Sark's partner in The Covenant. Lauren advises against torturing Sark.

The plane carrying Sark to Dover Air Force Base from France lands in the desert, 60 miles short of the runway. Sydney and Weiss board the plane, only to find the pilots and guards dead and Sark missing. The dead appear to be frozen. Meanwhile, Dixon learns that Sark has kidnapped his two children. Sark demands the release of five international prisoners in 48 hours — an impossible task. A shaken Dixon demands the team find the mole.

Marshall, analyzing the flight voice recording, learns that Sark made a phone call and referred to someone as "love" before he bailed out over Arizona. The CIA traces Sark to Nogales. Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss and Dixon enter the compound but the kids aren't there — it's a trap. They barely make it out before the place blows.

Marshall searches the FAA database and discovers Sark's flight was accessed from Switzerland via Dr. Barnett's IP address. Jack immediately arrests Sloane and jails him. Sydney stops Dixon from beating him. Dixon returns home to find his boy safe but The Covenant now demands the release of ten prisoners. Dixon appoints Jack as team leader and privately tells Sydney that The Covenant's demands are false. They're actually demanding a Rambaldi object, from Project Black Hole, located in the Nevada Desert. Sydney agrees to help him retrieve it.

Sydney sneaks into the facility via a steam shaft while Dixon enters with his clearance. Dixon gains access to the security system and opens a grate for Sydney, just before she's steamed. Dixon directs Sydney to the correct room and she outfoxes a mechanized guard to retrieve the object — a cube. Engraved in it is the name Irina.

Jack learns that The Covenant is close to locating a key to operate the cube. The contents, he tells Sydney, will threaten her life. Nonetheless, Sydney decides to exchange the cube for Dixon's daughter. Senator Reed, learning that Dixon stole the cube, deploys a team to bring him into custody. Lauren appeals to Vaughn to help Dixon.

With Federal choppers searching for Dixon, he, Jack and Sydney meet Sark and Dixon's daughter. Vaughn has Marshall misdirect the chopper's GPS systems. Dixon gives Sark the cube. Sark fits the girl with a collar armed with a deadly toxin as insurance that he escapes. Sydney volunteers to wear the collar. Jack disarms the collar as Sark flees.

A furious Barnett, visiting Sloane in jail, believes she's been used. Proclaiming his innocence, Sloane asks that she keep mum about his secret. Jack overhears Vaughn tell Lauren, "See you soon!", and Lauren replies, "Not if I see you first, love." Jack does a double take, as he realizes that Lauren's words were the exact same words used by Sark in the plane conversation overheard by the CIA team.



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  • Not the first time Raymond J. Barry has played a Senator. He appeared in a similar role on several episodes of The X-Files.
  • Senator Reed's close operational involvement with the CIA/NSC is unrealistic. The CIA/NSC are part of the Executive Branch, Senators are part of the Legislative. Senators oversee the budgets and are briefed on national security issues but they cannot order people to be placed on federal watch lists or give direct orders to Federal Agents.
  • In this episode, Sark escapes from CIA custody. This is technically the third time he has escaped the CIA.

Aliases Used[]

A girl who was driving where she wasn't supposed to be.



  • "Stick 'em up" by Quarashi (unchanged in Netflix version)

Allusions and References[]


  • Sark: Notify the extraction team. I should be at the LZ on schedule. ... Do we have the hostages? ... Excellent. ... Not if I see you first, love.

  • Vaughn: See you later.
  • Lauren: Not if I see you first, love.