Production code
December 7 2003
Written by
Jeff Pinkner
Story by
Teleplay by
Directed by
Jack Bender

Remnants is the 10th episode of Season 3 of Alias and the 54th episode overall. The identity of the mysterious "St. Aidan" forces Sydney to pull a stunned Will out of witness protection. But the pursuit sends the two old friends on a collision course with Allison -- the woman who ruined both their lives. Meanwhile, a jealous Robert Lindsey arrests Jack and Vaughn as conspirators in Sydney's escape from NSC custody, Sloane, still under pressure from Lindsey, puts a plan in motion to eliminate Sydney, and Dr. Brezzel has an unpleasant run-in with Sark.

Plot Overview[]

Sydney tells Jack about a dream — she's with Will in her old apartment and there's cereal box that says St. Aidan. Jack advises Syd to contact Will, who's in the witness protection program. Brezzel believes Syd's memory of the missing time has been removed and that the precision of the extraction indicates she may have been a willing participant.

Syd visits Will in Wisconsin. Suspicious, he pulls a gun but she proves her identity, saying he's her oldest friend and that she loves him. Finally, he believes her and they hug. Sloane, under pressure from Lindsey, contracts Syd's assassin in Buenos Aires at a cost of $500K. Later, Jack socks Lindsey when he doubts his and Vaughn's sincerity and speaks brazenly about Syd. Now in custody, Jack advises Vaughn to push Syd away for her sake.

Syd tells Will that Allison Doren is alive and working for The Covenant. He remembers that St. Aidan was the codename of an old Agency contact. He arranges to meet St. Aidan in Warsaw. Meanwhile, Sark attacks Brezzel at his lab and hooks him up to a morphine drip. Before he overdoses, Brezzel reveals that Syd was going to contact Will. St. Aidan meets Will — it's Lazarey. He refuses to talk about The Covenant. Syd has Will say that Julia Thorne sent him, that she trusts him and she's in danger. "Do they have it?" he asks. "Have they been to Gratz?"

Sark appears and shoots Lazarey with a tranquilizer. A gun battle ensues. Syd and Will escape. Later, Will and Syd talk about the old days. She's lonely and, in a moment of vulnerability, they sleep together. Laying in bed, Syd realizes that she had "it," whatever that is, and assumes she would have hidden it in the Hotel Verlustzeit.

In a torture chamber, Sark confronts his father, who initially doesn't recognize him. He says he staged his death to give Sark his inheritance. Sark says the inheritance now finances The Covenant. Lazarey says they are true evil and refuses to talk … Until Sark ignites a blowtorch.

Will and Syd check into the Gratz hotel, posing as rock stars. Syd taps into the security system through the onscreen checkout and finds the location of a safe deposit box belonging to Julia Thorne. After disabling the security cameras, she breaks into the box, but Sark steals the object from under her nose. Allison attacks Will with a knife while Syd chases after Sark. In close combat, Will plunges the knife into Allison, killing her. Syd knocks out Sark and steals the object.

Syd contacts Sloane, and prepares for the trade on the San Pedro docks. A team posing as The Covenant takes the Rambaldi device in exchange for Syd. The sniper fires — and kills Lindsey. Syd opens the crate in which the Rambaldi device is stored — it's filled with junk. Sloane says it was a setup engineered by Lindsey, who never intended to hand over the Rambaldi device. Syd doesn't believe him and promises he won't get away with it.

At the CIA. Vaughn gives Syd the cold shoulder as Jack observes. Marshall examines the box — it contains human tissue and Milo Rambaldi's name is etched in the side. Will tells Syd that he's gotten no closure or satisfaction from killing Allison. He says he's going to stay in Wisconsin and promises to see her again.



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  • International titles:
    • German: Überreste (Remains)
    • French: Jeu de piste (Treasure hunt)
  • Bradley Cooper, Merrin Dungey and David Cronenberg were billed as Special Guest Star in this episode.
  • Will Tippin's witness protection name is Jonah.
  • The Hotel in which deposited the Rambaldi-Box is called "Verlustzeit". It's a nonsense mix of two German words - "Verlust" ("loss") and "Zeit" ("time"). "Verlorene Zeit" would be the accurate translation for "lost time" - even though a hotel would never be named like that.
  • Motorola took over from Nokia as the sponsor of the series at this phone, so all phones changed brands accordingly.
  • Melissa George does not appear in this episode.
  • Will said something about a painter and wanted to date her, Later in season 5 (There's Only One Sydney Bristow) he said that he was going to ask her to marry him.

Aliases Used[]

  • Jonah: Will's cover name in Witness Protection.



  • "Fever" by Peggy Lee (changed in Netflix version to "How The Mighty Have Fallen" by Susan Marshall)
  • "My Goddess" by The Exies (changed in Netflix version to unknown lyrical)
  • "Take It Off" by The Donnas (changed in Netflix version to "I Like It" by We Cry Diamonds)

Allusions and References[]

  • Will: You have to admit my accent was pretty good. It was like early Stones.
Will is referring to The Rolling Stones, the British rock band led by Mick Jagger that rose to stardom during the mid-1960s.


  • Sydney Bristow: You know that if I wanted to hurt you, I could. You're my best friend. You're my oldest friend. I love you.
  • Will Tippin: Why are you aiming the gun at me?

  • Michael Vaughn: Despite the fact that he almost killed her, the doctor was great.

  • Michael Vaughn: Think that was the best move? Punching Lindsey in the face?
  • Jack: Based on the comments he was making, it was obvious that you and I were going to end up here no matter what we did. Whether I hit him or not. I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.
  • Will: The fact that I actually wasn't dating Francie, that it was her double.... I thought that was like the number one most insane story all time. But youractually tops it.
  • Sydney: She survived.
  • Will: You know, I always thought of myself as a pacist. The idea of talking someone's life is just inconceivable. but if I had the chance to kill Allison....
  • Sydney: I never would've come here if you didn't have to.
  • Sydney: Last chance to bail out.
  • Will: What are you kidding me? I love this stuff.